Ze Best Burger Joint in Town?

Ze Best Burger Joint in Town?

STYLE TRIAL: You’ve got a craving for a burger, and no ordinary Hungry Jack’s pile of meat and bread will do. Where do you go? Ze Pickle, of course.

By Claire Deane | 3rd December 2015

This burger joint was started by three friends on the Gold Coast who were looking for somewhere they could eat burgers, drink craft beer and listen to tunes. According to the boys, if the burger joint ended up being a flop, their worst-case scenario was ending up with a pretty extravagant man cave. So, not a bad outcome either way!

Lucky of us, Ze Pickle didn’t flop. Quite the opposite, it quickly became the go-to burger joint on the GC, and a Brisbane opening seemed inevitable. There’s even talk that a Sydney franchise is on the cards!

Ze Pickle has now arrived in Brisbane, although it’s somewhat hard to find in ze Valley. Don’t be put off if you can’t spot their hidden sign immediately – the extra hunger you work up looking for them will only make the burgers taste sweeter.

The menu is full of surprises, like the Pablo Escoburger, which is basically the lovechild of a burger and a plate of nachos. The sweet potato fries are also pretty darn special, and even the vegos can join in on the fun with an awesome-tasting vegie burger.

If you’re a serious burger aficionado (or you’re trying to put on 300 pounds, à la Homer Simpson in his muumuu days), you can’t go past the Triple Loco. It’s made up of three Wagyu beef patties between two grilled cheese sandwiches, maple smoked bacon, fried onion, pulled pork, jalapeños, cheese and slaw.

You can wash it all down with the plentiful selection of craft beers on tap. If you were planning to offset your calorie consumption with a Diet Coke (or if you’re diabetic), be warned: they don’t serve diet sodas so you might just have to stick to water.

Ze Style verdict? Hotfoot it to Ze Pickle, where all the cool kids are getting their burger fix.


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Article by Claire Deane

Claire is a digital marketer, google analytics nerd and social media addict. She has worked with big and small brands across a range of industries, from fashion to food, with digital publishing platforms to yoga studios, education institutions to wedding accessory designers. She’s also written a book on building a business as an introvert that’s been featured in Collective Mag and Design*Sponge and teaches SMEs how to build their businesses via her workshop series, Homeroom. Follow her at @clairemdeane or www.clairedeanemarketing.com


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