We Reviewed Some Of Youfoodz Latest Dishes And Here’s Our Thoughts

We Reviewed Some Of Youfoodz Latest Dishes And Here’s Our Thoughts

Dinner is served (in two minutes)

By Georgie Murray | 20th February 2020

I like to consider Style HQ a reasonably wholesome office when it comes to lifestyle and health. There seems to always be one of us on some sort of health kick and although that doesn’t stop the weekly hot chips order (sometimes bi-weekly if I’m being honest), we all seem to have good intentions. Plus, it’s all about balance right?

One of our Style girls, Jaz, is a Youfoodz fiend and the delish smells wafting from the microwave often piques the interest of us all. Can a healthy, balanced meal that both satisfies stomachs and souls alike really be ready to devour in just two minutes? We were all about to find out.

Youfoodz landed in our office on a sunny afternoon and we all swarmed around the box as if there was a puppy awaiting pats inside. It may have not been a puppy, but just as good – food (3pm hunger had hit, obvs).

We were about to try the latest range by Youfoodz – Weight Loss Refreshed. Their new range has over 20 portion-controlled meals under 350 calories, making lunch, dinners and snacks easier and healthier. Portion control is particularly where I struggle, so I was keen to see if I’d actually feel satisfied, especially as I’ve just started an 8 week challenge (which you can read all about, here) After divvying-up the meals and snacks, we were ready to tuck in.

I was gifted with a Youjuice Getcha Greens, Youjuice Immune Boom shot, Creamy Garlic Chicken Kiev and a Bangin’ Breaky Wrap (FYI - the wrap is from their ‘Everyday’ range).

I tucked into the chicken with sweet potato chips, for lunch the next day and to easily sum it up: yum! Sweet potato chippies are one of my all-time faves so there was a bit of a standard already in place, but the chips were absolutely delish. I devoured the whole meal and truly did feel full and satisfied. It almost felt like I was eating a naughty chicken schnitty!


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The Bangin’ Breaky wrap was also a winner. The wrap was tasty and there was a great amount of egg to bacon and sauce ratio going on with a touch of pumpkin and pineapple for added sweetness. Safe to say, I would eat it again. Although it’s not part of the ‘Weight Loss Refreshed’ range, it still only has 366 calories.

The green juice was staring at me and I decided it was time. I’m not one for green juices and was expecting an overriding taste of a veggie patch. But boy oh boy, I was wrong – it was so yum! The Getcha Greens features all the good stuff like cucumber, kale, spinach, zucchini and broccoli but is balanced with apple, pineapple and mint for taste.

While on the subject of juices, I also tried the Immune Boom shot. Not like the usual shots I’d have, (still waiting for Tequila to be announced as a ‘health food’) but it was indeed delish. Packed with lemon, turmeric, apple, ginger and vitamin C it was a zingy afternoon refreshment.


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All in all, would I order again? Yes! I would happily try more of their menu and explore the dinners. Plus, I would 100% get the juice and shot again and have every intention of doing so.

When it came to sweet snacks, Chloe struck-out and snagged the Choc Protein Brownie, describing it as a sweet treat without the guilt that’s genuinely enjoyable and hit the chocolate craving.


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The rest of the meals included Portuguese Chicken, Honey Rosemary Pork,  and Creamy Mushroom Cannelloni. Reviews are yet to be undertaken, but from the standard of their Weight Loss Refreshed range so far, they’ll be sure winners!

I think there may be a few more Youfoodz orders comin’ in hot to Style HQ and we’re certainly not mad about it. Let the microwave fight begin.


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Article by Georgie Murray

Georgie is a Journalist with a knack for bad jokes and dating disasters. A total open book, there’s no topic off limits for this Rod Stewart enthusiast. Starting her career in Broadcast Journalism, Georgie has since gone back to basics of the written word with a particular love for taboo topics and fashion media.


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