The Ultimate Foodie Experience To Tick Off Your Bucket List

The Ultimate Foodie Experience To Tick Off Your Bucket List

Without even buying a plane ticket!

By Emmy-Lou McKean | 7th June 2018


It goes without saying that in Brisbane we are spoilt for choice when it comes to dining options. In one day, every meal you eat can easily be from a different culture without even noticing.

But it seems that recently there has been a longstanding style of cuisine that is hitting all the right taste buds across Brisbane and Gold Coast: Moroccan food.

Many are aware that Morocco is the land of spice and colourful food, but little do they know that Moroccan cuisine is largely influenced by Arab, Mediterranean, African and Middle Eastern cuisines. Blending flavours from across the world, over time Moroccan cuisine has become a taste sensation in itself. Today, Moroccan dishes are the result of many traditional recipes that have been passed down through the generations, each dish carrying its own experience with it.

When people think of Moroccan cuisine, they’re quick to think of rice and kebabs, but it’s definitely changed a lot over the past few years. We take a look at the different ways you can experience Moroccan cuisine right here in Brisbane – because who has time for a 14-hour flight?


Meaning to taste or snack in Persian, mezze represents a style of dining that can be most likened to sharing small plates. The Mecca Bah Mezze menu at both the Brisbane and Gold Coast locations offer 11 traditional share plates. You can pick and choose a selection of your favourite small dishes like hummus, halloumi, sweet potato falafels, spicy lamb, Mediterranean bone marrow and more. If you’re new to mezze and aren’t sure where to start, Mecca Bah has done all of the hard decision making for you by offering a platter brimming with their favourite selection of mezze, including babba ganoush and labna, sliced pastrima and more.


Named after the peculiar-shaped pot in which the dish is cooked, tagines are a slow-cooked stew that requires little attention but still packs a massive flavour punch. Mecca Bah has a dedicated Moroccan tagines menu that includes 5 different variations of the dish, each served with couscous.

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From short beef ribs with harissa and pomegranate glaze to marinated grilled octopus, Mecca Bah is renowned for their mouth-watering grills menu. Both Brisbane and Gold Coast have a selection of different meats and vegetables that are grilled to perfection and are mostly served with pilaf rice, Lebanese flatbread, tabbouleh and more.


It is no surprise that Morocco’s geographical position and close historical relationship with neighbouring countries has been the reason behind the country's unique blend of many cultures. When the French colonised Morocco in 1912, they introduced a culture of cafes, wine, ice cream and patisserie. Morocco is a melting pot of delicious sweet recipes that are rich and dense and usually confections of cinnamon, almond and fruit that are rolled in filo dough, soaked in honey and stirred into puddings or Moroccan pizzas. At Mecca Bah, you’ll experience a cultural journey with every bite but the experience doesn’t stop at the dinner table. The in-house mixologists at Mecca Bah are renowned for creating signature cocktails that can be perfectly paired with your Moroccan eats and sweets.

Cocktail Making Class

Perfect for an overdue catch-up, hen’s night or even corporate parties, Mecca Bah’s mixology classes are the easiest way to learn some traditional cocktail tips and tricks. Taught by the in-house mixologist and connoisseur, guests will have the chance to learn how to shake, mix and muddle their way to the life of the party. Classes can be booked at both Brisbane and Gold Coast locations and run on a minimum of 10 people.

Cooking Class

What better way to learn a bit more about your favourite cuisine than to experience how it’s most popular dishes come to life on the plate. Head chefs at Mecca Bah do just this by offering Moroccan pizza cooking classes that are perfect for all cooking levels. Kick the class off with a glass of bubbles, beer or vino before taking part in a 2-hour private cooking class.


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Article by Emmy-Lou McKean

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