This Brisbane Confectionery Heaven Is Open 24 Hours

This Brisbane Confectionery Heaven Is Open 24 Hours

Because Easter! That’s why.

By Emily Halverson | 22nd March 2016


Step away from that melted, half-eaten packet of éclairs hidden in your beside drawer. (Guilty.) No, this isn’t about self-control. There’s just a better midnight snack for you. Because you’re worth it.

WHERE?! Well, it’s at Tom’s Confectionery Warehouse, which is now open 24 hours EVERY SINGLE DAY in the lead-up to Easter Sunday. Because why make chocolate bunnies exclusive to Easter weekend?

We know Easter is a busy time for all. Those family reunions and egg hunts can leave you pressed for time. And the shops are always so damn packed! Surely people should step aside and make room for the people with chocolate addictions. If the crazy eyes don’t give us away, surely the Nutella-smeared faces will.

Ain’t nobody got time fo’ looking through the boring eggs other shoppers have left in their wake. Although there’s usually only two. But you don’t even have to WORRY ABOUT THAT because now you can stock up on all your favourite chocolate treats at either 4pm or 4am – the choice is yours! Sweet!

Endless supply of Easter treats here we come! Image: Giphy easter, chocolate, ralph, simpsons

Endless supply of Easter treats, here we come! Image: Giphy

Located in Hendra, Tom’s Confectionery Warehouse has become a Brisbane icon and confectionery hotspot for a reason. They have ALL the chocolates. In ALL the sizes. Feel like a snack? No worries – grab yourself a small serve of, say, speckled eggs? Feel like eating until you pass out and fall into a chocolate coma? They’ve got your back. Try the 1.2kg Pink Lady Giant Rabbit or a six-kilo bag of dark or white chocolate eggs. RIP, friend. We salute your sacrifice for the chocolate cause.

There are loads of festive goodies, including bunnies and eggs sculpted by Cadbury, Ferrero, Lindt, Red Tulip, Darrell Lea, Chocolatier and Nestlé. Enjoy fillings of marshmallow, candy, praline, crème yolk, Smarties, Oreo, Caramello, peppermint, strawberry, Turkish delight and even Reece’s Peanut Butter!

If you’re taking the healthier route this Easter (you monster!), why not get your hands on the selection of choc-coated fruit and nut? We can’t say no to a good chocolate-dipped toffee almond (such nut, many goodness).

Whatever you pick, we won’t judge your chocolate choices. Mostly because it’ll probably be in our basket, too. High-five!


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Article by Emily Halverson

This story has been written by a Guest Styler for Style


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