With our busy lifestyles and packed schedules, it can be difficult to prioritise the food we are fuelling our bodies with. Whether it’s long hours at work (there’s always a project happening), making sure the kids are on top of their school work and extra activities (is soccer practice Tuesday? Or Thursday?), or keeping up with your social circle (another friend just got engaged!), there’s a million things happening that all demand your attention. Sometimes it’s easier to pick-up a quick bite from a takeaway joint between meetings, or just to eat a protein bar and hope it keeps you full until dinnertime.

This attitude of not prioritising our food is hazardous for our health and is likely one of the reasons we so often feel rundown and exhausted. If like me, you find that you are constantly in a rush and are struggling to maintain energy, it might be time for you to investigate the thriving community in Brisbane making organic and natural food accessible to the average busy person. Queue: The Produce Wholefood Pantry in Ashgrove!

This family-run business is passionate about providing affordable and accessible organic and natural food that is as delicious as it is nourishing. They specialise in providing healthy meals and ingredients that avoid preservatives, pesticides, and have as little human intervention as possible, to ensure your food is as close as can be to as nature intended.

While the aisles of their wholefood pantry boast an incredible range of carefully selected bulk goods including nuts, seeds, cereals, flours, supplements, and personal care, it’s their health bar that we really love. Tucked into the front corner of the large, welcoming store, the health bar is the perfect place to grab a quick and healthy lunch in between meetings, to pick up a smoothie after Pilates, or catch up with a friend over coffee (and raw treats, of course). With fresh cold-pressed juices, refreshing smoothie bowls (mango or cacao? Yum!), and nourishing wraps and salads, their menu is a mouth-watering display of everything you can achieve with organic and natural ingredients.


Their savoury menu includes a delicious array of filling, nourishing meals made from fresh, seasonal ingredients. Whether you’re popping in for a quick meal or settling down into their comfortable health bar for lunch, their pre-prepared salads, wraps and frittatas are the perfect energy boost you need.

Using fresh and organic ingredients such as raw kale and cranberries, this kale salad is a wholesome and filling meal that tastes as delicious as it looks. If you’re looking for something a bit heartier as the months start to cool, the roast vegetable salad feels like a warm, nutritious hug. I’m still dreaming about how I can recreate this dish myself… I am sure it will never be as delicious.

For a catch-up with a friend over lunch, their sweet potato frittata is the perfect meal to enjoy with a fresh, cold-pressed juice on the side. Or, opt for the falafel salad wrap or chicken BLT wrap for a quick and easy eat that hits all the marks. Full of nutritious and fresh ingredients, these lunch meals will fuel your body and soul and keep you fired up.


If you’re a bit of an acai bowl fiend, you will definitely be tempted by their incredible selection of smoothie bowls. Whether it’s the mango & passionfruit bowl (with banana, coconut water, muesli and coconut flakes) giving us all the summer feels, or the berry bowl (with organic acai, banana, blueberries, unrefined granola, coconut flakes and seasonal fruit) their range of acai bowls are the guilt-free snack that we like to enjoy every day. However, it’s the cacao smoothie bowl with banana, almond milk, cacao nibs and seasonal fruit that really blew us away. Topped with coconut flakes and unrefined granola, this was easily my favourite item on the menu.

With a wide range of menu items as well as a fully stocked pantry and expert advice, at The Produce Wholefood Pantry you’ll be inspired to create your own organic creations.

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