The Doughnut Bar is rolling into Brisbane

The Doughnut Bar is rolling into Brisbane


By Guest Styler | 27th April 2015

By Angela Castles

Haven’t you heard? Doughnuts are the Next Big Thing. Move over macaroons, cupcakes and cronuts, doughnuts are gonna be rolling into town and stopping hearts everywhere.

The Doughnut Bar is combining two of Brisbane’s current love affairs: Food Trucks and all things ‘Merican, into a one-stop-moving-shop spreading fresh, artisan doughnuts across the city.

The doughnut has always occupied a special place in pop culture. From The Simpsons to countless cop shows, doughnuts came to represent the quintessential American treat. It was the perfect trifecta – deep-fried, sweet and cheap.

Unlike America, the doughnut never occupied such hallowed ground here. Apart from the doughnut men you would buy in primary school, and Krispy Kreme’s brief moment in the spotlight, Australians previously responded to the American export with a collective ‘meh’.

That is, until now. Riding the wave of Australian’s obsession with American food is the perfect way for business partners Leigh Devlin and Peter Jermyn to breathe new life into the doughnut.

To do that, they’re raising the humble donut to new, lofty gastronomical heights.

These ain’t your ordinary Donut King offerings, so suppress all your nightmare flashbacks of re-fried dough sprinkled with cinnamon sugar by an angsty teen.

The Doughnut Bar is pumping out gourmet, hand-crafted doughnuts dipped in pure melted chocolate or cream-based glazes, naturally flavored and topped with premium ingredients.

For Devlin and Jermyn, The Doughnut Bar has been a labour of love. They’ve spent the last twelve months perfecting their signature doughnut recipe, ensuring each ring is soft, sweet and unique, just like the best doughnuts should be.

To top it all off, they’ll be rolling around town next weekend selling their artisan doughnuts in an amazing old-school converted Kombi van.

Be still my beating heart. After a couple of these doughnuts, it probably will be.

To check out the flavours and find out where The Doughnut Bar will be popping up first, follow @thedoughnutbar on Insta and Facebook.


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Article by Guest Styler

This story has been written by a Guest Styler for Style Digital.


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