Doughnut Bar Brings Scrolled Ice-Cream To Brisbane

Doughnut Bar Brings Scrolled Ice-Cream To Brisbane

Roll up! Roll up! Get your scrolled ice-cream at The Doughnut Bar’s new store!

By Tegan Atkins | 25th February 2016

Everybody loves ice-cream. Am I right? Right! Its sweet, chilled creaminess is perfect on a hot summer’s day, for sharing with your girlfriends or that special someone, and is a fantastic remedy for when you’re feeling down in the dumps.

Image: Giphy

Image: Giphy

Sadly, ice-cream gets a bit of a bad rap (we know, it’s so unfair!) High in fat, high in sugar and high in air (yes, air!), in food terms, ice-cream is that wild friend you love but who lives to cause trouble.

UNTIL NOW. Just when you thought The Doughnut Bar setting up in Wintergarden was the best thing to ever happen, they go and top it. How? How could they top it? Well, they’re bringing us a new way to enjoy ice-cream that is just as delicious but also guilt-free and stunning to look at.

It’s called scrolled ice-cream and is made using specially-imported cold plates that rapidly freeze gelato liquid to minus 20 degrees. Before the gelato completely freezes over, a selection of quality flavours is added and carefully moulded to form the beautiful creamy scrolls. The best part is customers will watch this carefully crafted process as it’s made fresh to order.

Scrolled ice-cream will be available exclusively The Doughnut Bar opening in Wintergarden (you can’t get it anywhere else in Queensland). Our tastebuds are tingling with excitement!

The Doughnut Bar is offering scrolled ice-cream in three delicious flavours. The first flavour, Tiny Timmy Tella will take us back to childhood lunches with Tiny Teddy biscuits, Tim Tams, and Nutella. The Vororeo is made of raspberries, coconut, and Oreo, while the final flavour, Snickers, will satisfy the ultimate chocolate lover with chocolate, smashed nuts, and caramel. Don’t bother trying to pick just one; you know you want to treat yo’self with every flavour!

So where can we satiate our sweet tooth cravings and dig into this amazing new creamy creation? Why in The Doughnut Bar’s new Wintergarden store in the heart of the Queen Street Mall. Line up from midday on Thursday, February 25 to get your first taste of scrolled ice-cream absolutely free!

The Doughnut Bar is also launching new recipes for Brioche doughnuts, infamous cronuts, and next level Doughnut shakes! We are weak at the knees dreaming about these new sugar-crusted treats and can’t wait to try it all!

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Article by Tegan Atkins

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