Sustainable pleasures on the Bayside

Sustainable pleasures on the Bayside

Sandgate’s sustainable foodie hub is growing, providing a water-front location for people to eat and drink some of the best local, free-range and vegan produce the north side has to offer.

By Guest Styler | 3rd July 2015

Brisbane prides itself on being situated between two of the most popular coasts in the world. Go north and your have the holistically chic land of the Sunshine Coast… South, and you have one of the most famous Australian destinations known for going hard – theme parks, surfing, dining, and (of course) partying - the Gold Coast. But what about our Bayside areas located even closer to home compared to our typical coastal day out spots?

Brisbane’s Bayside ‘village by the sea’ is a style hub full of boutiques, restaurants and cafes that still remain untapped as us rookies continue to bee-line for the Pacific motorway instead of our own Moreton Bay. Not only can you bask in the sun with the sea breeze in your face?, or shop at some of the best independent vintage stores in the city, but the Sandgate area also boasts some of the most sustainably run foodie spots in Brisbane. And this is not just for the hard-core vegans out there, but everyone who likes to eat consciously. From GF cakes to free-range steaks and all the organic brews in between, Sandgate’s sustainable foodie hub is building a bandwagon we should get on board.

Here’s a list of the best sustainable foodie spots to visit the next time you decide on a beach trip:

1. Satori Organics

Located right by the Sandgate Memorial Park, Satori Organics Wholefoods and Juices serves up exactly what you would expect: locally sourced, organic, seasonal produce and freshly pressed fruit juices. Priding itself on being mostly paleo and even hosting vegan dinner nights, Satori Organics also has a whole range of gluten free, raw and vegan treats packed in the cabinets (including their famous vegan croissants).

On Sundays they host an organic farmers market where you can peruse the spray-free fruit and veg, fresh artisan breads and pick up some breaky that’s made from the same sustainable produce and sure to make you feel extra good about your life choices. Plus, you can’t look past their big pot of local, raw honey that you can take home with you as long as you BYO glass jar! Now that’s a sweet deal.

198 Seymour Street, Sandgate
P 0404 044 266

2. Cardigan Bar

Famous for their open mic nights, Cardigan Bar is the healthiest bar on the north side, giving you even more of an excuse to indulge in that mid-week tipple.

They pour Australian made brews (including GF ones) and interesting blends like Matsa’s Broome Brew (Western Australia) 100% natural mango beer and Holgate Brew House’s (Victoria) Temptress chocolate porter. Their ciders are 100% organic and made from 100% fresh Adelaide Hills apples and pears. Even the espresso martini at Cardigan Bar is made from cold drip coffee and their other cocktails are shaken with freshly pressed juices and organic iced teas.

And their wines? For a more charitable #WineWednesday, order a glass from Goodwill Wines, who’s proceeds support the Australian Marine Conservation Society and the Peach Tree Perinatal; or Spring Seed Company wines, who support the SANDBAG Community Centre. Oh, AND you can BYO food!!

The list literally goes on.

What makes you feel better than a few glasses of red? Knowing your drinking money is going towards a good cause, that’s what. Just don’t try claiming it as donations on your tax return…

5/198 Seymour Street, Sandgate (Down the lane way)
P 0419 189 049

3. The Garden Gate Nursery and Café

If you live for your gardening weekends, but your main passion in life is finding the best brewed cup of joe, then look no further than this nursery/ café that serves some of the best organic coffee and home-made sweets you’ve ever tasted. Not your ordinary café, the vibe is shabby-chic with up-cycled furniture made from old doors and milk crates, and re-purposed bathtubs full of seasonal flowers providing one of the best-smelling breakfast spots ever.

Every Sunday they host a big BBQ breakfast with live music, grilling sustainable, free-range meats and also serve a vegie option so the vegetarians aren’t left out of the barbeque fun times.

The staff can also give you environmentally conscious gardening advice, plus, every purchase made at the nursery and the café goes toward supporting the SANDBAG Community Centre. What an easy way to ensure you do you good deed for the day!

153 Rainbow Street, Sandgate
P 3269 1952

4. EclecTea Vintage Cafe

If sustainability to you means adopting 10 dogs from an animal shelter and taking them everywhere with you, then EclecTea is a good weekend breaky spot for you - they’re dog friendly! Known mostly for their daytime Kitch Stitch knitting mummy-meetings and premium teas served in specialty china, EclecTea is so much more.

When the yarn is cleared away, their organic, cruelty free, locally sourced and vegan-friendly meals are served from AM to PM. You can also stop by for lunch seven days a week, and dinner on Friday and Saturday nights, or chill at their Sunday sessions with live music and a local Banyo Brew. Dishes like free-range Byron Bay rib fillet and jugs of fresh bay prawns are the perfect accompaniments to their craft beverages and casual vintage setting.

Some of their special events support charitable organisations like Oxfam as well, so you can feel super about indulging in one of the many sustainable noms they have on offer, all the while taking in one of the best sea views on the North Side.

2 Queens Parade, Brighton
P 0418 183 844

**The SANDBAG (Sandgate and Bracken Ridge Action Group) Community Centre runs programs, which respond to people who are facing challenges in their lives such as: domestic violence, unemployment, social isolation, disabilities, mental health, and crisis connected with health issues, homelessness, relationship issues, income support, literacy, and legal matters. They support communities by connecting people to activities, programs and services, and creating opportunities with them to connect with their peers.


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Article by Guest Styler

This story has been written by a Guest Styler for Style Digital.


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