Style Trial: A Week of Fresh Meals, Delivered

Style Trial: A Week of Fresh Meals, Delivered

It’s hard to have a home-cooked meal when you’re never home, but this trial kept a social butterfly on the go with fresh, healthy and delicious meals.

By Tamika McInneny | 4th July 2016

Anyone who’s ever worked with (or met) me knows that I’m always up for going out to dinner with friends, attending after-work events or arranging Netflix and chill nights with my girlfriends.

Image: Giphy

Image: Giphy

I love my busy lifestyle but it does mean that I hardly ever eat a proper home-cooked meal. (OK, I’m also guilty of buying my lunch during the week because who am I to say no to sushi or burgers?)

When I heard I would be trialling fresh and healthy meal delivery service Fresh Meals 2 You, I was relieved I wouldn’t even have to contemplate battling the supermarket lines after work. And since I already had work events and catch-ups with friends penciled in for that week, anything that could help streamline my schedule was 100 per cent welcome. And it would save me some serious $$$. Winning.

I had 10 dinner-size portion meals delivered and I was determined to not let a single delicious dish go to waste. I paired two dishes together for each day of the week, taking five meals to work for lunches and leaving five at home for dinners.

Every night, I dashed home from work to get ready for an event and having the prepared meals made life so much easier. I got to (gasp!) have a home-cooked meal before I stepped out. And they were so good!

I haven’t heard amazing things about pre-packaged meals but I was pleasantly surprised with the taste. The meat and vegies were cooked to perfection – no plastic or cardboard taste at all!

My favourite dish was the Super Lean Eye Fillet Beef; I’m a massive steak lover and order it every chance I get but I’ve never perfected the art of cooking it for myself. Fresh Meals 2 U’s medium-rare steak just took a few minutes in the microwave and it was just as good as any I have had out. The best part about this dish is they gave me two for the week. How did they know?!

Image: Giphy

Image: Giphy

All in all, I loved the variety and the flavours of all the dishes. I found the whole meal plan super convenient with my busy schedule and I would 100 per cent do it again for that home-cooked taste on the go.

If you’d like to find and compare ready-made meals that are suited to your tastes and lifestyle, check out Foodvine!

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Article by Tamika McInneny

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