We Chat With The Executive Chef Of Stokehouse Q, Ollie Hansford

We Chat With The Executive Chef Of Stokehouse Q, Ollie Hansford

Food, wonderful food!

By Fiona Williams | 8th October 2019

At 31, executive chef Ollie Hansford is set to serve up a sensational new menu at Stokehouse Q from September. Recently heading up the kitchen at Stokehouse in Melbourne, this exceptional chef is swapping the south city life for plenty of sunshine with a return home to Brisbane. A passionate foodie and lover of fresh produce, Hansford has been surrounded by fabulous fare most of his life thanks to his family. Growing up working with his dad amongst a sausage factory and pâté business at London’s Borough Market, he knew at just 14 that food was going to be his future. “I would help make the sausages, link them and get them packed, as well as make the pâté and see how fresh produce gets turned into this delicious unique product,” he says.


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Vastly different from the Melbourne food scene and cool climate cooking, Hansford explains there’s no doubt that Brisbane is making its mark when it comes to quality produce and tasty no-fuss venues. “I really see a push in more relaxed venues in the Brisbane food scene that gives the customer the power in their dining habits. The high-end venues are becoming less and there is a drive to push for venues with knowledgeable staff, relaxed environments, and great food and wine,” he says.

Stokehouse Q is set to serve up not just phenomenal food with fresh local Queensland ingredients, but the wholesome expertise from Hansford from his years of cooking and creating. “The menu will be one that encapsulates the local produce around the venue as well as showcasing Australia’s finest seafood. The food will be light, zesty and clean with a good hit of citrus allowing for a light but fulfilling dining experience,” he says.


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Favourite ingredient right now?
Asparagus. Raw, grilled, blanched, steamed, baked, shaved, it’s so versatile and such a unique nutty flavour that epitomises spring/summer.

Coriander or parsley?
Coriander 100%

When ordering steak, how do you have it?
Not to bore you but depends what steak, as in what cut – whether it’s grass fed or Wagyu, etc. but mainly I would opt for Medium Rare as you get to taste the quality of the product at its best.

What are your favourite places to eat here in Brisbane?
Gerard’s Bistro, CJ’s Secret Pasta, Sorellina, La Lune Wine Co, GOMA, Arc Dining and, of course, having an after-work beer in Stoke Bar overlooking the river and city


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Article by Fiona Williams

Fiona is a Journalist and Food Writer who grew up in Adelaide. From Sydney to Brisbane to Canberra and now back to Brisbane, she now calls our wonderful city home. She’s a beauty fanatic obsessed with rose hip oil and she’s definitely made up of at least 80% dry shampoo. A lifelong campaigner against the word ‘good’, Fi (as she likes to be called) loves nothing more than using juicy adjectives and putting honey in her tea.


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