Pan we grill it? Yes, we pan!

Pan we grill it? Yes, we pan!

Running low on cupboard space, but still want that cast-iron grill for your juicy steaks? We’ve got the solution!

By Guest Styler | 14th April 2015

By Lucy White

No, that’s not a typo! Fresh from SolidTeknics’ AUSFonte brand pans is Pan Grill-It - the innovative new Australian-made, cast-iron grilling insert that turns your regular flat pan into a cast-iron grill regardless of what the pan is made of.

This more convenient alternative to a regular cast-iron grill allows you to store two different pans in one with the Pan Grill-It insert. The benefit to the insert is that it also allows fat to drain through the grill, leaving you with a healthier, leaner piece of meat.

In addition to the Pan Grill-It’s fat-draining feature, the cast-iron inserts are naturally non-stick, avoiding synthetic coatings – so SolidTeknics recommend that you don’t use them with non-stick pans.

SolidTeknics has launched a KickStarter campaign to fund their new project, closing April 20. Backers can pledge on the Kickstarter site to receive a limited First Oz Edition casting of the Pan Grill-It, starting at $39 plus postage.

It has been seven months since the first AUSFonte pans were launched in Australia, and they are proving to be very popular with chefs in Australia and the US. This is your chance to claim one of the first Pan Grill-Its available and grill a mighty nice piece of steak.

SolidTeknics’ AUSFonte pans are the only locally-made production cookware, and will be available to buy commercially from June 7. But if you want a special collector’s edition First Oz casting of the Pan Grill-It,  pledge now on the KickStarter page to support this local brand.


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Article by Guest Styler

This story has been written by a Guest Styler for Style Digital.


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