These days, I skirt around the confectionery aisles, silently bemoaning my inability to eat the sweet treats without suffering severe pain and discomfort. My body has betrayed me and my list of intolerances is ever-growing, continuously reducing my diet and making me the dinner date from hell. I mean, I’m amazing but I do have to check the menu ahead of time to make sure I have options and as much as I want to scream, “YES!” when someone asks me if I want dessert, I have to politely decline.

I mean, SURE, my predicament is herding me towards healthy options as a whole but sometimes I just want some cake, damn it. Does that sound something like your life? I feel your pain, friends. But two angels have recently descended from heaven to perform a Christmas miracle and answer our dessert prayers.

Nutri Hitt

Tamara Lord and Candi Coonan, the food angels who answered our prayers.

I’m talking, of course, about Tamara Lord and Candi Coonan, the brilliant minds behind Nutri Hitt Raw Cake Shop. Nutri Hitt is dedicated to providing delicious and nutrient-rich raw treats that are packed full of flavour. With their products, customers can indulge in sweet treats without feeling guilty or worrying about digestive discomfort.

I hear you screaming, “BUT HOW?!” Well, it’s because their products are raw, vegan, paleo, gluten-free, dairy-free, and free of refined sugar. So basically they are made of nothing but joy and air. Just kidding. This is actual food and they work very hard to find tasty alternatives. Mousse is made from cashews and coconut oil, colours stem from natural ingredients like beetroot and carrot powders, and sugar has been replaced with dates and maple syrup.

Nutri Hitt chocolate

You may have already tasted these heavenly treats, with certain products available at stockists including Lorna Jane Nourish Cafés, Raw Juicery, Revive Health Hub and Charlie’s Fruit Market. You can also order cakes online and salivate over the pictures until the cake arrives at your door.

But if you have no time to lose and cannot wait a second longer than necessary, get your butt to the new Nutri Hitt Raw Cake Shop in Geebung and see these beauties for yourself. And taste them. Taste them all. After hearing that they have an ICED VOVO SLICE, I am quite seriously considering handing over all my money, sitting down and shovelling cake into my mouth until even Bruce Bogtrotter would be proud.

Nutri Hitt
8/328 Newman Rd

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