A Worldwide Ramen Sensation Has Landed In Brisbane

A Worldwide Ramen Sensation Has Landed In Brisbane

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By Aalia Hussein | 11th April 2019

Ramen Danbo is washing up ashore from Surfers Paradise and heading to South Brisbane for its new location of ramen goodness. Located on Merivale Street, you can now get your ramen fix at this awesome new restaurant!

Having travelled a long way from Chikushino, Japan, on the southern island of Kyushu, Ramen Danbo’s popularity grew both domestically and internationally for their signature tonkatsu ramen dish. They now have over 35 restaurants worldwide and in Brisbane including Surfers Paradise, Southport and now South Brisbane, and have become fan favourites for serving up hearty, high-end ramen at an affordable price.


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Sweet, salty, bitter and sour - these are the flavours of our favourite things! But the Japanese have long believed in a fifth flavour and have enlightened the world with their knowledge. Umami. Savoury.

The famed tonkatsu broth at Ramen Danbo is made by heating treated, pure water and stock at burning temperatures to create a flavoursome soup. The end result is a velvety ramen base flavour-packed to create the highly sought-after umami.

Served up on the piping hot menu are a selection of ramen bowls, including the Classic Ramen made with the tonkatsu pork broth. Make your bowl eggcellent with the Nitamago Ramen that adds in soft boiled eggs. Crunch on the Negi-Goma bowl with spring onion and toasted sesame. The Miso Tonkatsu makes miso happy with its intense and saltier ramen bowl, letting you dive deeper into the umami experience. Vegan/vegetarian? Danbo has the Vegetarian Miso for you to try made from miso and konbu stock with tofu and bean sprouts to accompany it.

You could also top up your bowl with some yummy toppings including nori seaweed, extra chasu slices and some karashi takana (pickled vegetables.) And if a big ol’ bowl of ramen just isn’t enough for you, have your pick of delicious side dishes including pork donburi, pork and takana donburi, Hakata one-bite gyoza, steamed white rice, Kaedama extra noodles and omusubi rice balls.

Cool off your tongues with fine Japanese beer and crack open Orion, Kirin Ichiban or Asahi with pals or grab a pint of Suntory Premium Malt.


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Article by Aalia Hussein

Aalia Hussein is a writing student and devoted Potterhead. You can find her on bubble tea dates with friends, in any bookshop or curled up in a corner with one the millions of books she owns.


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