Attention all vegans and plant-loving foodies, your dedicated dose of clean eating has arrived. Soulara are Australia’s only producers of plant-powered superfood meals delivered straight to your door.

Their message is to steer foodies towards becoming more conscious of what they eat (remember: everything you put in your mouth has an effect on Mother Earth). Eating plants is a fresher, healthier, smarter and more sustainable option for feeding your body and soul.

Not just pulled together from a colour wheel, Soulara meals are visually appealing because each colour covers a different family of healing nutrients (wait … there’s scientific reasoning behind this?). Say bye bye to nasty toxins, support the immune system, and boost that damn metabolism.

We all want some healthy protein in our daily diet, but it doesn’t have to come in a steak-and-egg combo! Muscle-building protein in Soulara meals is drawn from a combination of superfoods: nuts, seeds, wholegrains, fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Nor is there a need to calorie-count your hunger pains. Soulara meals are made with a focus on low-calorie nutrients and high-quality, local produce.

With meals called Capricorn’s Bounty Radicchio Cups, Forbidden Rice and Rainbow Medley, Forager Salad with Sunbutter Dressing and Portobello Tranquility Salad, your meal planning has just stepped up a notch (I’m expecting all kinds of bliss from a bowl of Tranquility Salad!).

Each meal has been designed by a dietician to meet your daily requirements of vitamins and minerals, and your weekly delivery of meals can be hand-picked in sets of 9, 12, 15, or 18. After you have made your choice online, the meals will arrive at your door in a refrigerated recyclable box. No cooking is required at all.


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