Brisbane's Quickie Lunch Guide

Brisbane's Quickie Lunch Guide

Were you faced with an empty fridge this morning? Then it’s a good thing you’ve found our helpful guide to Brisbane’s best quick lunch options.

By Tegan Atkins | 7th June 2016

Whether we sleep in past our alarm, forget to do our weekly meal prep, or are in a crazy rush to get out the door on time, we’ve all gone to work at least once with no lunch option.

Sadly, those easy school days of packed lunches are over so we must fend for ourselves! It’s a hard transition, especially when trying to buy lunch that sticks to our healthy eating routine and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.


We’ve compiled a helpful guide to healthy, quick AND reasonably-priced lunch options in Brisbane. We can totally adult now!

Botero, Brisbane

Botero recently opened its doors on Adelaide Street and brought with it a guaranteed 40-minute turnaround on ALL lunch items so you can make the most of your break. Winning! Plus, you get to enjoy your lunch in a stunning three-story historic building with stimulating, beautiful surrounds. OR download the Botero app, order your coffee on the go and they’ll have it ready and waiting for you by the time you arrive! Now that’s great service!

Botanica Real Food, Red Hill

Don’t want to stray from your healthy eating routine? Botanica Real Food in Red Hill is the perfect place to get a healthy and delicious lunch on the run, with a selection of vegetarian and vegan salads. You’d better be willing to stretch that diet juuuuuust a little because you won’t be able to resist the delicious gluten-free baked goods on offer here.

Sage on Ann, Brisbane

Lunch at Sage on Ann starts at 12pm but if you’re in a rush – and who isn’t, these days? – you can pre-order from the range of healthy and delicious dishes before 11am to have it ready and waiting for you to enjoy on your break. The variety of sandwiches ranges from the classics (such as ham, egg and mayo, and chicken sandwiches) to the “fancy pants” variety, featuring peking duck and chilli plum sauce. Or why not order hearty macaroni and cheese, beef massaman curry or a caramelised onion and goat’s cheese tart?

Jan Powers Farmers Markets, Brisbane

Every Wednesday from 8am to 6pm, the Jan Powers Farmers Markets take over the top of the Queen Street Mall (in Reddacliff Place) to sell their fresh produce. But did you know they also sell the perfect lunch meals on the go? Enjoy authentic paella, German sausage and giant smoothies, fill a bagel with your favourite toppings, or choose something from the several bakeries around the markets, ALL for a reasonable price.

Jak + Hill, Spring Hill

Do you work in the CBD? Take a quick stroll to Jak + Hill and choose from quick takeaway options including salads, wraps, burgers and much more! Alternatively, give Jak + Hill a ring and they’ll be happy to put in your order so it’s ready for pick up when you arrive.

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FantAsia, Brisbane-wide

The FantAsia teams pride themselves on quality, wholesome meals made fast, fresh and packed with awesome freshness and flavour. With stores in MacArthur Square, Wintergarden, Myer Centre, Logan Hyperdome, Toowong, and Westfield Garden City, Chermside and North Lakes, you’re sure to have a nearby location for this modern take on classic Asian food.

Pasta Pantry, Rosalie

Located just outside of the hustle and bustle of the CBD, Pasta Pantry is filled with fresh, quality and simple meals. With a great range of pastas, salads, sandwiches, lasagne, desserts (and more to choose from!) Pasta Pantry has something to cater to everyone looking for a delicious, healthy lunch on the go. What more could you want?

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Lennons Restaurant, Brisbane

Enjoy a Lennons lunch with an awesome deal every weekday! The $10 options include Burger-off Monday, Itzza-Pizza Tuesday, Wagyu-ing Crazy Wednesday, Veal-Like-A-Schnitzel Thursday, and Thank Fish ‘N’ Chi’ it’s Friday! Next lunch, get a little bit fancy and enjoy hearty meals without the hefty price!


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Article by Tegan Atkins

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