The protein-packed dish vegetarians swear by

The protein-packed dish vegetarians swear by

Hey dahl, what’s cooking?

By Valerie & Courtney Ferdinands | 12th June 2017

When we speak of a dish’s aroma or vibrancy transporting us back in time, one vegetarian dish that does all this and more is fragrant, protein-packed dahl.

We absolutely love it! Cooked well, dahl is a perfect side dish or main. No meat you say? Not to worry, this delightful vegetarian dish uses split red lentils, a pulse that is full of protein.

It is so easy to make a delicious batch of dahl, and we want to show you how. It's all in the tempering (don't worry if you don’t know how – we've got you covered).

Tempering is our favourite way to elevate a dish. In short, tempering is a method of infusing whole spices in hot oil for a layering of flavour.

There are so many ways to make dahl. This is our basic, easy recipe that you can add whatever you like to. Be as creative as you want. This recipe is dahlicious.

We can’t wait to share more things fab and food with you. See you next Monday.

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Enjoy! Mumma V & Courtney xx


2 cups split red lentils
3 cups water
1 tsp ground or freshly grated turmeric
1 tsp freshly grated ginger
3 tbs ghee
1/2 tsp cumin seeds
1 large onion, sliced

Wash lentils and add to saucepan with water, salt, turmeric and ginger.
Bring to the boil and simmer with lid on until the lentils are soft and the mixture forms a soup-like consistency (you may need to add water if it starts to stick).
Tempering: melt ghee in a frying pan, add cumin seeds and, when the oil is fragrant, add the sliced onion (careful not to let the seeds burn) and brown well.
Spoon the contents of the frying pan into the dahl.
Serve with rice and chutney.

Tip: Mumma V would add chopped fresh chilli, which she is known to always carry in her handbag. Courtney would add charred broccolini.

Feature Image: Pinterest

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Article by Valerie & Courtney Ferdinands

Valerie & Courtney cooked up a serious storm on this year’s My Kitchen Rules series as Grand Finalists. But their passion for food can be traced back through generations of their rich Anglo Indian heritage, and love of cooking from Valerie’s father. Using their secret weapon, Valerie’s father’s cook-book, the dynamic foodie duo sure know how to spice things up in the kitchen for their family and friends.


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