Poh's lazy girl dinner hacks

Poh's lazy girl dinner hacks

SunRice ambassador Poh Ling Yeoh shares her best weeknight dinner hacks to cut down on cooking time but maximise flavour using one of her fave foods: rice.

By Guest Styler | 22nd September 2015

It's no surprise MasterChef favourite Poh Ling Yeoh loves her rice. The Malaysian-born Australian artist comes from a long line of proud Chinese Malaysian home cooks. And "cook" is definitely the term Poh prefers, rather than chef. Coming from a huge family of proud Chinese Malaysian home cooks, Poh prefers to be called a cook. Her main kitchen goal is to get Australians excited about cooking and chowing down on a variety of foods from all over the world.

With that in mind, Poh has teamed up with SunRice as their brand ambassador with a range of recipes designed to get Aussies in the kitchen and excited about food. Along with a few tips on the best ways to cook rice, she's given Style a range of weeknight dinner hack recipes designed exclusively for lazy gals like us who want home-cooked meals that don't take too long but taste like they did!

Italian sausage and tomato rice
Sweet and sour stir-fry prawns and rice
Chicken and green bean fried rice
Spiced tuna and coriander rice

We asked Poh for her best tips on the tricky art of cooking rice, so we can cook up her recipes like a pro.

So Poh, how do we cook rice?

"There are three standard methods for cooking rice [Boiling, absorbtion and in a rice cooker] but absorbtion is my favourite. What I love about it is you can just use a standard pot with a lid (always non-stick) and it's very easy. The reason why I love this method is that the grains stay really nice and firm.

"Measurements are one cup of rice to 1.5 cups of water and then put the lid on and bring that to the boil. Reduce that til it's simmering for about 15 minutes. After it's been 15 minutes, turn the heat off and let it sit for five minutes.

"I like to use a spatula to turn the rice because it's nice and flexible, and anything with a thin edge is good because you can dig right underneath. And then you just fold the rice over to loosen the grains. And that's it!

"But the easiest way to cook rice is in a rice cooker... Just use the instructions that come with the cooker."

How much rice should we cook per person?

"When you're cooking rice, once cup of uncooked rice makes three cups of cooked rice, so that will feed 2-3 people but it depends how much of a piggy you are! For me, that would definitely feed two people in my household."

Should we wash our rice before cooking?

"For your longer grains, if you want really nice separation it's a good idea to do it, but with Australian rice, it's not really necessary. However, if you're making desserts, or using shorter grain rices which are valued for their higher starch content, or say if you're making sushi and you really want that stickiness, or a risotto when you want that creaminess, you wouldn't do it with those."

What's the best way to store rice?

"For storing open bags of rice, I recommend storing in an airtight plastic container. Pop the bag in with it, so you can keep the cooking instructions and also remember what variety it is. In summer, I recommend putting it in the fridge as well, just to keep it extra fresh!"


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Article by Guest Styler

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