Brisbane's Latest Thai Addition Is Here And We’ve Tasted It For You!

Brisbane's Latest Thai Addition Is Here And We’ve Tasted It For You!

We’re ready to be phat...

By Fiona Williams | 1st August 2019

You may have heard of the team behind authentic Thai restaurants, Phat Elephant, Chai Thai and Asian Republic, but their fresh new creation, Phat Boy, located on level 2 of Brisbane’s world-class mixed-use Brisbane Quarter is a taste of Thai that needs to be on everyone’s list of where to dine next.

There’s no doubt Thai food is a favourite amongst foodies everywhere, with classic dishes of Pad Thai and spicy laksa, these crowd pleasers are a sure thing. But if I can be honest, it’s never been at the top of my cuisine cravings – until now. With a mix of sophistication and flavours you simply can’t re-create at home; Phat Boy is spreading the love of Thai culture through their fresh and contemporary-style menu.


Led by Restaurant Owner, Alyssa Phadungkiat, who believes all of us should embrace the little Phat Boy or cheeky child within us when it comes to food, she has now brought her creative concept to Brisbane Quarter after the huge success of her Thai eatery empire.

As soon as you enter the venue it’s already a breath of fresh air on the senses, with well thought out décor inspiring you at every turn from retro neon signs to laidback bamboo light shades, setting the mood of the casual yet refined room. Phat Boy’s space is outside the norm, and the food is no exception. There is a perfection of flavor balancing that hits my lips as soon as I sip and swallow the feast before me. I can tell that months of planning has gone into the creation of Phat Boy’s menu, with every bite a full-on flavor bomb playing with my palate.

The delight is in the details from the mixed entrée basket filled with crispy school prawns and succulent chicken satay to the roast duck laksa with the softest noodles I’ve ever sampled complimented by a subtly sweet and spicy laksa sauce. The slow cooked beef rib Massaman curry with sweet potato was so tender it melted right off the bone with a sauce that lingered in my mouth delightfully.


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In between I sipped on cocktails with lychee, elderflower and ginger notes, but the stand out dishes that have officially converted me to a Thai enthusiast are the Pad Thai chicken in egg net wrap and crispy Thai noodle with bitter orange glaze. “The Pad Thai is cooked in a turbo wok where the flame is very strong, and this is how it gets its fantastic flavour. The egg net wrapping is very traditional, and we wanted to showcase the noodles in this dish, so the egg net is thinner,” Restaurant Owner Alyssa Phadungkiat says. “As for the crispy noodles, it took ages to decide whether to put it on the menu. All the staff eat it as a snack and we never thought we would introduce it, but because it is loved so much by us, we have added the vegan dish to the menu to see how it’s received,” she says.


Finishing on the mango mousse with sweet sticky rice with Pandan, the flavours were a welcome finale to the Thai journey I had just been hauled along for the ride. Every bite so elegantly curated with the balance of subtle flavours and strong heroes. I certainly now have a little Phat Boy inside of me, bursting with admiration for this quirky and delicious fare.


Shout-out to Brisbane Quarter for having us try Phat Boy first hand and hosting exciting dining options in Brisbane! Explore more of Brisbane Quarter’s wining and dining experiences.


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Article by Fiona Williams

Fiona is a Journalist and Food Writer who grew up in Adelaide. From Sydney to Brisbane to Canberra and now back to Brisbane, she now calls our wonderful city home. She’s a beauty fanatic obsessed with rose hip oil and she’s definitely made up of at least 80% dry shampoo. A lifelong campaigner against the word ‘good’, Fi (as she likes to be called) loves nothing more than using juicy adjectives and putting honey in her tea.


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