If someone asked you to turn a bag of beans and a pitcher of milk into a rosetta-topped latte under the watchful eye of a skilled coffee expert, you’d be forgiven for running away in terror. However, this is exactly what the team of Grinders Coffee Specialists facilitate every single day at the various Grinders Coffee training centres. Our Style Trial Team (made up of Kim, Annabelle, Tori, and myself) visited the Woolloongabba training facility to put our own skills to the test.

Located next door to their boutique café, the training centre is a space for industry professionals and barista-wannabes to experience professional training in an intimate, relaxed environment. In these masterclass sessions, pupils are guided through the different technical and theoretical skills required to prepare a delicious coffee.


The various training courses are tailored to specific skill levels and desired outcomes, ranging from espresso essentials through to advanced tasting and adjusting. During our own training session we quickly realized that no matter how good (or bad!) you think you are, there is always room for improvement and new skills to be gained. While some of us progressed from picking up a steaming pitcher for the first time to pouring a love heart, others were able to refine their understanding of grind adjustments and espresso extraction. It was fascinating to be guided through the process, from learning about the origin of coffee and how it is grown, through to how to correctly extract espresso shots. After creating about a dozen coffees each, we were thoroughly impressed with our own improvement (as well as a little bit buzzed).


With Father’s Day just around the corner, these master classes are the ultimate hands-on gift that your father will love.

Oh, and the best part? Enjoying the fruits of your labour.

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