The ‘New Black’ Superfoods for 2015

The ‘New Black’ Superfoods for 2015

Time to make some cupboard space! Here are the new Superfoods you’ll be stocking up on in 2015.

By Jane Schon | 15th January 2015

For a food to be deemed “super” it must be densely filled with vital nutrients and minerals. Dark leafy greens, certain fruits and nuts, bee products and herbs; Superfoods come from many natural food groups and each year there seems to be a new batch of discoveries added to the list.

Even though these “discoveries” are never really that “new”, prices for the handful of newcomers fly through the roof as the demand grows – we all love a good food trend after all!

And yes, you guessed it, this year it’s out with the old again while new greens, supplements and grains replace some of your well-used favourites.

So move over Chia seeds… Here are six Superfoods you’ll be making room for in 2015:

Chlorophyll - The new Supergreens

If you’ve become accustomed to a quick shot of Apple Cider Vinegar before meals to aid digestion, you’ll need to make a little room for your new friend Chlorophyll too, which helps to cleanse the system.

Matcha - The new Oolong

Finely milled Matcha tea is no longer exclusive to Japanese tea ceremonies - and it’s no wonder why. Matcha is jam packed with antioxidants, it boosts metabolism, burns fat, fights cancer cells and detoxifies the body. It’s also rich in vitamin C, selenium, chromium, zinc and magnesium. Matcha is also great for stress heads as it calms and relaxes the mind while aiding concentration.

Kalettes and Seaweed - The new Kale

If Kale and Brussels Sprouts had a baby, you’d get Kalettes. It’s a hybrid vegetable fusing the flavours and health benefits of both its predecessors with a sweet nutty flavour. Along with Kalettes, we’ll soon be seeing a lot more Seaweed on the menu. Going beyond sushi, seaweed is a great addition to broths, soups, sauces and pastas. As a member of the algae family, seaweed contains Vitamins A and C and is also a great source of calcium and iodine.

Activated Charcoal - The new Juice Cleanse

Activated Charcoal is a widely used detoxifier and reduces our body’s absorption of organic toxins, chemicals and poisons. It’s also handy to have close by to use as a chemical-free whitener for teeth, which also helps with fighting gum disease.

Millet - The new Quinoa

We think Quinoa has had enough time in the sun and we could soon see a new ancient seed, hailing from Africa and northern China, taking its place at the top. Possessing a mild corn flavour, Millet will soon be the next power player in the grain world. It’s already a staple in diets around the world and is rich in iron, B vitamins and calcium.

Fermented foods (still fermenting)

Thank goodness fermented foods will be sticking around for the foreseeable future. If you haven’t yet joined the fan-base, invest in some Kimchi, Kombucha and Sauerkraut (cabbage or carrot) next time you’re at your local farmer’s market. Fermented foods contain a bevy of beneficial probiotics and nutrients. They also help achieve the proper balance of healthy gut flora and contain digestive enzymes to help you absorb all the goodness that comes from a wholefood diet.


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Article by Jane Schon

Jane is a former Journalist of Style Magazines. She is addicted to theatre, travelling to far off places and developing her personal style (AKA shopping). Jane adores good food (and even better coffee) and is a self-confessed sleep enthusiast.


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