Why You Need to Invest in a Reusable Coffee Cup

Why You Need to Invest in a Reusable Coffee Cup

Because there’s no excuse for single use

By Emmy-Lou McKean | 7th June 2017

Whether you drink coffee to get you going in the morning or use it as a way to catch up with a friend, there appears to be a coffee cup dilemma that we’re all guilty of unintentionally condoning.

Did you know that half of the world’s plastic goes into products that are only used once and that 1 million disposable cups end up in landfill every minute?

Now think about how many coffees you drink in a month and how many of them you would usually sip through a plastic lid that is connected to a disposable coffee cup.

Although you may think you’re doing the right thing by disposing of your takeaway soy-cap in the yellow-top bin, what you’re really doing is contaminating the recycling stream as most disposable coffee cups are lined with polyethylene, which is not recyclable.

The ABC recently aired an episode of their show War on Waste, which is a series tackling plastic, fashion, coffee and food waste, and the coffee cup dilemma has caused many to rethink their drink.


So if you’re starting to feel as guilty as us and ready to make a proactive change to help the environment (and in some cases save you some spare change), here are the reusable coffee products that are changing the game.


Not only are the products from Frank Green motivating people to live more sustainably, they’re also proving that your reusable cup can be more than just a drinking device. Just like your payWave card, Frank Green is one of the first to create a SmartCup that allows you to simply pay with a wave of your reusable cup. All you have to do is simply load money on to the SmartCup and wave it at a coffee spot that accepts payWave. And if that isn’t enough to get you excited about becoming more sustainable, Frank Green passionately support local industry by designing, engineering and making all of their products here in Australia. If your local coffee spot catches onto your efficient and sustainable way of sipping, hopefully soon enough they'll be able to offer you rewards for doing your part with the CaféPay system. Not only does it literally pick up your bill at the end of your café visit, it automatically let's your barista know your go-to order and allows you to earn and redeem some seriously kick-ass rewards. Never carry cash again!



KeepCup is an idea that came about after the owners of a Melbourne café became concerned by the volume of waste their business and customers generated. Fast-forward to 2017, KeepCups are now sold in 32 countries around the world. The lightweight and unbreakable KeepCup is the world’s first barista-standard reusable cup and you can even design your own cup online in up to five sizes.

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Joco have designed their glass reusable cups to enhance your morning brew and save your taste buds, all while helping out Mother Nature. Made from quality, non-porous, borosilicate glass, Joco cups are lightweight and resistant to extreme temperature changes. Aside from being free from harmful chemical nasties, the glass in your Joco cup doesn’t affect flavour, so you will only taste your coffee or tea, not your cup.

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By making your coffee at home, you’re not only going that one step further to become more sustainable, you’ll also save yourself some extra cash in the process. Every Nespresso capsule has potential as the aluminium used to create them is infinitely recyclable. When you recycle your used capsules by taking them back to a Nespresso store, sending them off in a pre-paid Auspost satchel or a partner florist, both the aluminium and the leftover coffee grounds are given a second life. The coffee grounds are transformed into compost and the aluminium is compacted and goes through a smelting process to become a refined metal for use in a variety of products from car parts to homewares.

Nespresso has just teamed up with Victorinox to create a recycled pocket knife. The Pioneer Nespresso Livanto Limited Edition pocket knife has been created as a result of both of the Swiss brands sharing the decades-long priority they’ve given to the issues of environmental protection and sustainability.

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Article by Emmy-Lou McKean

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