Mister Fitz Takes Ice-Cream To The Next Level

Mister Fitz Takes Ice-Cream To The Next Level

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Mister Fitz!

By Eveline Fielding | 25th November 2015

When it comes to the upcoming (punishing) summer months, take the Boy Scout route and always be prepared. New swimwear? Check. Aloe vera sunburn ointment? Ow, but check. The best ice-creameries to help us handle the heat?

Well, forget your Calippos and your Golden Gaytimes, because not even the brave Bubble O’Bill could hold up against Brisbane’s newest and sweetest venture, Mister Fitz. Checkmate.

How are we so sure? Let’s just say we’ve got the scoop… on scoop, on scoop, in a waffle cone with a cherry on top!

The first scoop in our glorious news cone is that Mister Fitz ice-cream is not your typical aerated mass of powdered base, oh no, no, no. Mister Fitz is all about ice-cream just the way Mama used to make, pasteurised in-house using an original recipe of fresh milk, cream and free-range eggs.

This creamy handmade goodness will be available in 12 different flavours on a rotating, small-batch basis. In other words, we’re already under their thumb and dying to go in week after week to see what the new flavour is.

Second scoop of news? Not content with simply giving us sugar highs with their delicious ice-cream, the angels employees of Mister Fitz are also going to give us heart attacks with, wait for it…

Customisable. Ice-Cream. Sandwiches.

Crying Clap gif

We’re talking any flavour of your choosing rolled around in a sweet crumb (again, of your choosing) and then sandwiched between two layers of cookies, brownies, croissant, milk buns – there is no limit to this heaven!

But if such delectable decision-making is too overwhelming, the Mister Fitz team have got your back with a pre-made selection of sandwiches to salivate over.

The top scoop, if you even need one after all of this delicious news, is that our new best friend Mister Fitz is yet another gem from the gift that keeps on giving. We mean, of course, Damian Griffiths.

This guy is not someone you’d want to verse in Monopoly. Owner of Alfred & Constance, Les Bubbles, Limes Hotel, Kwan Brothers and more, Damien and his team have earned quite the reputation for venues of style and substance, with fun and fresh concepts and flavoursome food to boot.

With Damien’s other ventures Chester Street Bakery and Doughnut Time satisfying sweet tooths all around Brisbane, we think Mister Fitz is going to hold up juuuuust fiiiiine.

And the cherry on top? There's a second location already open at South Bank. Hallelujah! Mister Fitz is definitely a welcome addition to Little Street in Fortitude Valley, where Griffiths’ latest urban renewal project is already turning heads thanks to the opening of Les Bubbles bistro.

Open from 10am ’til late seven days a week, Mister Fitz is perfect for Brisbane's sweltering hot days and balmy nights. Or, you know, just because ice-cream.

If you’ve still got an ice-cream craving just one shop can’t satisfy, check out this list.

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Article by Eveline Fielding

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