Is this the new Christmas party trend?

Is this the new Christmas party trend?

Forget the office Christmas party or dinner and drinks with the in-laws: it’s time to eat, drink and be merry with your squad. After all, friends are your second family, right?

By Candice Jackson | 12th November 2015

We all know that the silly season usually means attending the office Christmas party and walking the fine line between having fun and not getting drunk and doing something you'll regret. BORING.

Well forget celebrating with your colleagues (don't actually forget it, you probs should make an appearance for your career's sake) and get on board the new trend sweeping the festively inclined: the Chris-mates party, a party with mates!

People all over the world are taking the lead of office parties everywhere and hosting their own mini-celebrations for their nearest and dearest, and we reckon they're onto a good thing. Why should it only be the office manager that gets to choose a venue for the party and what delicious inclusions your festive menu will contain? With a Chris-mates party, you can gather together your girl squad, crew, group or posse, pick the venue, pick your menu and let loose with no fear being fired come Monday.

Mean Girls, 2004. Image: Giphy

Mean Girls, 2004. Image: Giphy

With a Chris-mates party, you can CHOOSE your guest list and you're not stuck with blood relations who make your blood boil; no putting up with drunk Uncle Alfred, no arguments about the lunch being cooked, no family tensions rising... Just all your friends in the one place, eating great food, having good times and not having to wash up. So at least one of your Christmases will be merry! 4 top locations in Brisbane to have a rockin' Chris-mates party:

Mighty Mighty

Yeehaw! Mighty Mighty is sure to please all your American foodie fanatic friends for a Chris-mates party this year. There’s just something about Southern smokehouse cuisine that has Brisbane folk weak at the knees and drooling (psst: it’s the buffalo wings). Mighty Mighty Cue & Brew are known for marrying smoked local cuts with one of Queensland’s most extensive hard-to-source craft beer lists for an urban cowboy, boot-scooting good time.


It’s time to switch up those “happy holidays” and “seasons greetings” traditions with a little left-of-field function at the finest Japanese BBQ and Tonkatsu restaurant in the Valley: Nikuya. They even have their own private event coordinators to plan your event and create custom menus to suit your party palate. The venue has two floors, each with their own traditional specialty, with dishes including melty panko-crumbed fish fillet, Waygu tataki or salmon teriyaki, BBQ skewers, sashimi and grilled Japanese fresh water eel! And hey, any excuse to drink saké…

Sin Vida

Gather your amigos for a Mexican fiesta! Sin Vida brings the spirit of The Day of the Dead traditions to Brisbane, along with a menu designed for shareability and seconds, perfect to jump on the Chris-mates party bandwagon. You’ll have a hard time choosing with seven flavours of tacos, guac and corn chips, tostada de pulpo (barbecued octopus, papaya and pineapple salad) and swordfish con adobo (swordfish, chorizo and blackened onion with a tomato and dried chilli paste dressing). Just watch your consumption of their delicious sangria or tequila, as you might have a Day of Feeling Dead the day after, if you catch our drift.


From its luxe vintage décor with gold accents and leather booth seating to its eclectically designed bar/dining table and exquisite Spanish cuisine offerings, Gordita exudes old-fashioned class through and through. It’s the perfect venue to party with your sexiest señoritas. The wine list is extensive, with more than 200 international and domestic artisanal wines to choose from, and the chefs have kept the traditional fare true to its rustic roots while adding their own creative twists and flares to the dishes, making their tapas next-level AWESOME.

Book your small group Christmas party or function at M&A Lane now! If you need ordering inspiration, check out the chefs’ top picks of the menus.

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McLachlan & Ann Street, Fortitude Valley


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Article by Candice Jackson

Candice Jackson is a former Journalist of Style Magazines. She has an uncontrollable sweet tooth, an irrational fear of birds and a love of travel. Candice believes in the Yes Man Philosophy.


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