To been or not to bean?

By Emmy-Lou McKean | 29th September 2016

We can all appreciate that there’s a lot more to your morning brew than milk and espresso.

In 2010, Peter Wolff launched Wolff Coffee Roasters with the goal to make specialty coffee available and approachable for everyday drinkers.

Peter has been at the forefront of the Australian coffee industry for more than 30 years, and his knowledge and reputation as a Master Roaster has him in high demand with industry professionals all around the world.

If you think you know your coffee, you’ve got nothing on the team at Wolff HQ. These guys know their beans and brews.

Wolff Coffee Roasters is manned by coffee specialists who have mastered alternate brewing methods you probably haven’t even heard of. They offer everything from espresso to filter coffee, including Moccamaster, Aeropress, Chemex, Syphon, Yama Cold Drip, Nitro Cold Brew Coffee, Coffee Popsicles and Coffee Soft Serve, across their three brands.

Having trained many of the roasters and baristas who are currently forging their futures in the Australian and international coffee industry, Peter and his wife Penny are committed to empowering their customers by sharing their expertise in Specialty Coffee.

“We are highly-respected leaders and innovators in the specialty coffee industry,” says Penny. “At Wolff Coffee Roasters, we are dedicated to providing all our customers’ coffee with character.”

The Wolff team also offers coffee training and education, with a wide range of beginner, intermediate and expert courses targeting all aspects of the specialty coffee industry. The Wolff College of Coffee touches on everything from coffee roasting and pouring to latte art, alternate brewing styles and sensory development.

On a practical level, Wolff College of Coffee is a dedicated learning space, equipped with all the tools you need to learn about specialty coffee.

According to Penny, “Most people are amazed at the wide range of flavour available in coffee, depending on how it’s grown, processed, roasted and poured.”

You may know the difference between a delicious cup and a not-so-good one but a common misconception is that anywhere with a coffee machine can make good coffee. Great coffee requires a dedication to quality in the cup at entry level, from the farmer all the way to the roaster and the barista.

Penny explains that the best way to understand flavour in coffee is to taste more. Try different single origins and blends and then add them to your flavour memory. Test your palate and see how well you know your coffee at the Wolff Coffee Roasters’ monthly cupping forum.

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Article by Emmy-Lou McKean

Emmy-Lou McKean is a Journalist at Style Magazines. She is a self-confessed pyjama enthusiast and on her weekends when she isn't in said pyjamas you'll find her enjoying live music, sipping Matcha lattes and eating her way through Brisbane and beyond.


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