How To Cook The Ultimate Steak As Told By A Head Chef

How To Cook The Ultimate Steak As Told By A Head Chef

Chuck a *steak* on the barbie.

By Isabella Stephan | 25th September 2019

Is your steak cooking game lacking lately? With spring finally in full bloom, that means barbecue season is just around the corner and you’ll want to bring your best steak game to the table! Tom Mumford the Head Chef at one of Queensland’s most celebrated steak restaurants, Black Hide by Gambaro at Treasury Brisbane, has shared his top professional tips on how to cook the most perfect barbecued meats. You’ll be cooking up some good impressions in no time!

When choosing your steak, there’s more to it than first pick off the shelf. How to know what perfect looking raw meat is and how they're different from one another? Well, Tom Mumford has kindly given us these sought after answers! All steaks slightly differ in fat as cows consume different diets which then makes one a high marbled cut and others with barely any fat.

When looking at the variety of steaks Tom suggests picking the right steak is crucial to the end product and that a high marbled cut is needed, which essentially has more white marble fat on the steak. Along with this, you’ll need to ensure the one you've chosen is thick as this cooks much easier on the barbecue to get the desired cooking temperature – in other words, this saves your steak from being undercooked or overcooked! So it’s a very vital step.


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Now it’s time for cooking! Make sure to bring that soon to be delicious steak out of the fridge 10 minutes before you start to cook. Let it sit on the kitchen counter and rest. Tom also suggests to sprinkle the steak with a good quality flake salt – and our recommendation is Maldon sea salt flakes, which go perfectly with a good juicy steak!

Another fiery tip - turning on the barbecue grill early to make sure it’s extremely hot and ready to go, as your steak needs extra heat to cook. If you have a flat style grill you’re in luck as this is the way to go as it makes for a better meal with the crust being just that bit more flavoursome.


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Once the crust is done, you can begin to see how the steak is cooking. If you’re a fan of medium-rare steaks then you’ll want to take it off the grill once the meat begins to tighten and juices start to appear on the surface. If you’re more of a medium-well or well-done meat eater then leave the steak on for a longer time!

A little tip for all steak cooking is to take it off the barbecue underdone and leave it for 5 minutes on a spare plate, and then place it back on the grill when you’re ready to eat and flash it on the barbecue to bring it to exactly the temperature you’re after.

Voila and bon appetite!


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Article by Isabella Stephan

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