Those Harajuku Gyozas Have Got Some Wicked Style

Those Harajuku Gyozas Have Got Some Wicked Style

South Bank welcomes Harajuku Gyoza, bringing an assortment of traditional Japanese street foods to the scene.

By Guest Styler | 21st May 2015

By Alicia Gronert

Get your chopsticks ready for an assortment of delicious Japanese foods at South Bank’s newest joint, Harajuku Gyoza. The third of its kind to open in Brisbane, Harajuku Gyoza is satisfying Brisbane’s current Japanese food craving dishing out mouth-watering street foods straight from Tokyo to our doorstep.

Look for the happy dumpling sign and you know you will have found the place, which guarantees to make you feel as happy and round as the dumpling itself.

Known for its fun and loud atmosphere, guests are greeted at the door by a chorus of “Irasshaimase!’ – welcome, come in! before being seated to experience some of the tastiest parcels of delightfulness to meet the taste buds.

Varying from pork, chicken, prawn, duck and vegetarian the fresh made gyoza are grilled or poached to suit your fancy while diners are invited to sit surrounding the kitchen area where they can watch the gyoza masters at work. Make sure you bring an empty stomach and have a shot or two of sake just to see what happens.

It’s not only gyozas on the menu though, other Japanese favourites like izakaya sides and ramen are also being served, and make sure you save room for a dessert gyoza or ten - good luck choosing between the Nutella and banana or peanut butter and white chocolate delicacies, and wash it all down with a cold Kirin on tap or some traditional sake.

General Manager, Andrew Jeffreys says the new hotspot is a great place to drop in and have a spontaneous bite to eat selecting an assortment of foods from the simple but sophisticated menu.

Following the launch of ‘eat South Bank’ in February, the food-lover’s destination is growing rapidly with Harajuku Gyoza’s opening further enhancing the precinct and bringing new international flavours for Brisbane foodies to try.

Manager at South Bank Corporation, Sam McNaught, says that South Bank’s dining scene will continue to take shape during the next few months, serving up a smorgasbord of international flavours to Brisbane foodies. We can’t wait!

Harajuku Gyoza is open until 11pm every night.

184 Grey St, South Bank
P 3844 5502


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Article by Guest Styler

This story has been written by a Guest Styler for Style Digital.


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