Gluten-Free Dishes To Make You Weak at the Knees

Gluten-Free Dishes To Make You Weak at the Knees

Just try not to drool too much in public.

By Sarah Taviani | 13th January 2016

Some of us are, unfortunately, held captive by our bodies and forced to eat gluten-free food. We’ve come a long way in a short time, with some AMAZING dishes popping up all over the place. But until we take over the world gluten-free food becomes less expensive and more readily available, it can make dining out a real pain in the butt.

UNLESS you happen to have a guide with handy tips on where to dine in your hot little hands. Oh, look at that! You have one of those guides RIGHT HERE! We’ve got every meal of the day covered and now that we’ve finished drooling we can totally share it with you. Enjoy!


Lost Boys: Vegan waffles with grilled pear and crystallised ginger, coconut ice cream and pistachio praline

Um, YES. Too long have we been denied waffles! TOO LONG. We would please like an entire house made out of waffles to eat our way through. Lost Boys are also super lovely, clearly indicating which of their food vegan, gluten-free or low FODMAP and whether those options are available.

Kitchen Sanitarium: Kitchen mixed mushrooms, poached eggs, fresh herbs, spinach, organic wheat sourdough

A hearty breakfast is just what you need, and Kitchen Sanitarium has got it in spades, with gluten-free options taking up over half their breakfast menu. They even tell you WHY the food is good for you, to give you a feel-good start to your day.

Nodo Donuts: Everything

Their motto is “Eat donuts for breakfast.” Do not question it. All of their gluten-free delights are scrumptious but if you want to go for the ACTUAL Breakfast Donut, you’re in for banana with maple cream cheese and caramelised pecans.


Botanica: Chickpeas panzanella with fresh tomato, roasted red capsicum, fresh basil and red wine vinegar

Botanica is all about making your life a little leafier and a little easier, with heaps of tasty gluten-free options available on their salad sample menu, perfect for a hot summer’s day.

Claret House: 270g Australian bush thyme-infused porterhouse with truffle smashed potatoes and baked mushrooms

Claret House knows your pain. Almost everything on their menu either IS gluten-free or can be adapted for your dining pleasure. And sometimes you just need a massive steak to make you feel better about your dietary restrictions

Sake: KFC (Korean fried chicken), cucumber sesame, spicy yumyum sushi rolls

Get this: Sake is so gluten friendly that it actually notes menu items that AREN’T gluten-free. Sushi is usually a safe bet for most of us but we can’t go past their selection of makimono sushi rolls. Spicy yumyum indeed.


Corbett & Claude: Pan-fried gnocchi with your choice of sauce

Gnocchi is the saviour of all pasta-lovers afflicted with dietary restrictions. These little potato balls of happiness are delicious and filling. Combine them with your choice of pesto, tomato herb or creamy mushroom sauce and you will be in heaven. Rest in peace.

Bitter Suite: Slow roast pork belly, toasted coconut cream, pickled watermelon, fried eschallot

You don’t have to feel bittersweet with this hearty meal option. Their dishes are made from fresh produce and a surprising amount are either gluten-free or can be requested gluten-free!

The Fishmonger’s Wife: Pretty much anything you want

Holy fish sticks, Batman! The Fishmonger’s Wife has a dedicated fryer for gluten-free fish and chips, using the highest quality cholesterol-free oil and GF batter. Welcome battered fish back into your life and greet calamari like an old friend; there is an ENTIRE MENU just for gluten-free customers!


Nutri Hitt: All the things

Raw. Vegan. Paleo. Gluten-free. Dairy-free. Refined sugar-free. Nutri HITT’s range is so delicious you will legit cry. You may even cry over the images on their website. They’re really pretty. We won’t blame you.

Jocelyn’s Provisions: Flourless chocolate and raspberry cake

The gluten-free range at Jocelyn’s Provisions is as tasty as it is beautiful. And it’s pretty damn beautiful. We could lie and tell you we would be content with the pecan and chocolate brownie but really if we can get our hands on a flourless chocolate and raspberry cake that’s a cause for celebration in itself.

I Heart Brownies: All the brownies ever

Bake love, not war. The Style girls could probably learn a thing from that saying, since we did indeed go to war when these were in our office. No blood was spilled. Some brownies were harmed but the victors can confirm they were still delicious.


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Article by Sarah Taviani

Sarah is a Journalist. She loves lists, stationery and dresses with pockets. Sarah frequently breaks her self-imposed book-buying ban when she’s not looking.


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