Oh Christmas, it brings such joy, such fun and such…bloating. Despite heading into every holiday season with our beach bods in mind, when summer rolls around we just can’t say no to a refreshing rosé or five. For those who spend Christmas in the snow, it isn’t such a problem, all covered up with layer upon layer of belly concealing clothes. But here we are in the Australian heat, forced to reconcile our choices of Christmas indulgence as we trail to the beach our new bikini. Whatever the cause of that bloating post-Christmas kilo or three, we’re about to get to the bottom of it and stop it from pressing against our bellies. Sometimes you can have your cake and eat it too, so start shining your favourite fork because we’re about to dig in.

Substitute those cocktails

Christmas is definitely a trying month for those of us with a sweet tooth. Fruity, creamy, delicious cocktails are the friends that are calling to us, yet they aren’t the kindest of friends come January. With Christmas parties filling up our monthly calendar, and an event to attend every other night, the best thing to do is avoid calorific cocktails and to stick to the basics. A vodka soda lemon or a gin and diet tonic are lighter on the tummy, and also won’t rip a hole in your pocket.

Don’t ditch the outdoors

Christmas is a time spent catching up with family and friends, this year instead of going for lunch or a drink, why not try to catch-up over some sort of exercise or outdoor activity? Go for a walk with that friend you haven’t had a chance to see, or check out one of the many free exercise classes in Southbank. If you do usually spend time at the gym or outside exercising, make sure that you don’t ditch your usual workout fix just because it’s the silly season. Spending the day at the beach and lapping up the waves instead of the laying on the sand is a workout in itself and you won’t even notice – your body will thank you later.

Bake your own

For those of us who aren’t friends with the kitchen, let this be a Christmas learning experience. It’s easy to fill up on those goods supplied by our co-workers or bought from a bakery, but with Christmas comes the added sugar and cream that’s delish on the lips, but not so great on the hips. The only way to know what exactly we’re putting in our mouths is to bake healthier options for ourselves and our loved ones. Trade out butter and eggs for avocado, use wholemeal flour instead of white, or try something whacky like a beetroot brownie. Not only does this mean that we’re less inclined to dig in, because we know how tiresome baking really can be, but it’s a great gift idea. It’s a gift that’s cheap to make (that is, if you know how to work the oven), but the obvious hard work and effort put into baking is always appreciated by family and close friends.

Take your focus off food

The central idea around Christmas always seems to be food, we meet with friends over food, we see our family over a table of food, and then we’re stuck trying to work off the weight caused by…food. Instead of endlessly thinking about your fave Christmas treats, give your mind something else to keep busy. Whether it be a new crafty hobby like totally on-trend macrame, or something you have always wanted to master like pottery or origami, you can create fab gifts for your family at the same time!

Enjoy yourself…in moderation

‘Tis the season to be jolly, but not too jolly. It is the festive season after all, so that doesn’t mean we have to sit idly by and feel guilty after that one cookie or piece of cake. Feeling negative over one treat tends to get us searching for more out of defeat. Enjoying everything in moderation is key, so make sure that you aren’t too hard on yourself this season. Taking the time to exercise at least 20-minutes a day is enough to keep our metabolism’s happy and moving, and hopefully working off that extra slice of pie. After all, if things do go awry, you’ve still got those New Year’s resolutions to write.

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