Gelato Messina To Get a Brisbane store... FINALLY!

Gelato Messina To Get a Brisbane store... FINALLY!

We're seriously already drooling.

By Sarah Taviani | 10th February 2016

Gelato Messina is coming to Brisbane. REPEAT: GELATO MESSINA IS COMING TO BRISBANE.

You’ve probably heard about Gelato Messina from your Sydney, Melbourne or Gold Coast friends. You may have even tasted this deliciousness in your lifetime and felt like you received a blessing from the angels themselves. And if you have tasted it, then you’ve probably cried at least once in your life because you wanted Gelato Messina so badly.

We can neither confirm nor deny that we have done any or all of those things.

What we CAN confirm is that there are whispers of Gelato Messina finally landing in Brisbane.
As in, not an hour-long drive to the Gold Coast. As in, SOUTH BRISBANE. And it’s rumoured to be the biggest store in all of Australia!

Because when Gelato Messina does something, they do it right.

If you’ve never heard of Gelato Messina, then you are lucky to have never felt its absence in your life. But that’s about to change because we’re going to let you in on some of the awesomeness.
First of all, gelato. Duh. Awesome.

Gelato Messina Coming To Brisbane Store Story Feature Article

Image: Pinterest

Second, they have 35 standard flavours. THIRTY-FIVE. Including apple pie, Italian nougat, tiramisu, coffee, poached figs in Marsala, and salted caramel and white chocolate (aka the best gelato in the history of everything. PLUS, they have five new flavours every. Single. Week. For those who are too excited to count, that’s a total of 40 awesome things to delight your tastebuds on any given day.

And that doesn’t even include the cakes, which are surely the result of magic because how else would something so beautiful and perfect be able to exist?

Gelato messina cake Brisbane store

Image: Pinterest

OK, so maybe we have to wait until October for Gelato Messina to land in Brisbane, but that’s just enough time to decide what you want your first order(s) to be. We can wait out winter. And when spring has sprung, we’ll see you there on opening day. We apologise in advance for any failing or elbowing on our part to get to the gelato goodness. We’re sure you understand.

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Article by Sarah Taviani

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