We Chat With The Executive Chef Of Emporium’s Signature, Chris Norman

We Chat With The Executive Chef Of Emporium’s Signature, Chris Norman

A sight to behold

By Georgie Murray | 11th November 2019

There’s certainly more to what meets the palate when dining at this trademark restaurant in the heart of Brisbane’s south side. With impressive interiors and exceptional service, Signature offers a wholesome experience. However, it’s the culinary creations by Executive Chef Chris Norman that really speaks to Signature’s, well, signature.

With fresh, local produce the pinnacle of their plates, Chris is elevating the menu season after season, showcasing honest ingredients. ‘’We’re trying to get the best ingredients we possibly can in QLD and Australia-wide if necessary. At Signature, we don’t want to hide behind anything – we treat ingredients with respect,’’ Chris says. ‘’Simply, we don’t want to turn food into something it’s not meant to be. It’s honest food.’’


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Recently relocating to Queensland’s ‘big smoke’ from The Palazzo Versace and before that the heat of Melbourne kitchens, Chris has settled with the Emporium family due to aligned values and returned to an environment he’s used to: boutique hotels.

Starting off in the bustle of London hotel kitchens, the environment forced Chris to grow-up, but it was the speed and nature of the kitchen that he thrived off. “I think I needed it as much as it needed me. If I wasn’t in the kitchen, I would’ve been out in all sorts of trouble, no doubt,’’ he says.

So, how has Chris taken on Signature with his own trademark? It all goes back to the produce. “We work very closely with the suppliers and we know where our food comes from. Who ever has brought that produce to market has had to raise it with respect from seed to fruition. This means we’re straight onto the freshest ingredients before they’re scheduled – seasons don’t work on a date penciled into a calendar like we do,’’ he says.

As spring is in full-force, so are its flavours. Artichoke, fish and asparagus are key ingredients playing favourites on plates while lemon myrtle has been sourced from Mackay to create a must-taste mulberry dish.

If you’re after unique dining with no-fuss and authentic flavour, Signature awaits.


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Chris’ top three must-eats this season at Signature:
• Venison – From the Glasshouse Mountains paddock to Emporium. Super healthy and 40% less calories than beef.
• Seafood – It’s incredible! Sourced from Rocky Point, it’s super fresh. The fishermen call our suppliers form the boat and as soon as it hits port, it’s on its way to us.
• Truffle and asparagus dish – The chickens have been fully pasture raised, with no growth hormones or chemicals. These types of chickens are only available from five farms in the entire country.


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Weirdest complaint?

I find it funny that people can be strictly gluten-free, until it comes to dessert!

Your death-row meal would be…

Wagyu Tomahawk

Sweet or savoury?
I have no sweet tooth!

Pizza or pasta?

Who has been your culinary catalyst?
At the beginning it was Gordon Ramsay but of all time I would say John Williams from The Ritz in London.


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