5 Oktoberfest foods to get in your belly

5 Oktoberfest foods to get in your belly

Oktoberfest Brisbane 2015 is here, so we brush up on the top five delicacies we’re desperate to devour.

By Elizabeth Best | 27th August 2015

German cuisine is the monster truck of the food world. Where other countries are fretting about presentation and portion size, Germany has already steamrolled their dainty canapés with a whopping great pork knuckle and a hefty helping of sauerkraut. It’s all about comfort food in the land of the lederhosen, calories be damned!

We raise our glass and say “prost” to the following foods, and are desperate to devour them at this year's Oktoberfest Brisbane:

1.    Schnitzel

Perhaps the most prolific of the German delicacies, schnitzels (or schnitties as we Aussies say) are beloved the world over. There’s something special about taking a piece of meat, coating it in bread and dropping it in a vat of scalding hot oil. Chicken, veal, pork… it doesn’t matter; if it’s encased in golden crunchy goodness, it’s all right by us.

2.    Pretzels

Did you know that 13,500 pretzels were consumed at last year’s Oktoberfest? That’s proof enough to us that the humble knot of fluffy dough deserves to be on this list. Did you also know that unsalted pretzels are called baldies? We’ll have two baldies to go, please!

3.    Pork knuckle

All hail this truly mighty piece of meat. German food halls the world over are famous for what is essentially a juicy roasted ham hock with the skin salted and crisped to perfection. Every year at Oktoberfest Brisbane, the first knuckle of the festival – the Pork Knuckle of Destiny – is auctioned off for charity. Last year’s meaty treat raised $10,000 for Youngcare.

4.    Bratwurst

Wurst is the best – and no, we aren’t even a little bit sorry for the pun. There are more than 40 different varieties of the brat in Germany, from the long thin kumbalcher to the spicy thuringer. 40 bratwursts to try? Challenge accepted!

5.    Beer!

Yeah we know it’s not food, but really, what is German cuisine without a stein bigger than your head filled with frothy chilled liquid gold. But remember guys, drink responsibly.

Oktoberfest Brisbane
Brisbane Showgrounds
9 to 11 & 16 to 18 October, 2015


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Article by Elizabeth Best

Elizabeth is the former Digital Editor of Style Magazines. She knew she wanted to be a journalist from the age of six and has spent the past decade working for some of Australia's top publications. She also thinks mint chocolate is a gift straight from the heavens.


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