How to Create a Pinterest-Worthy Cheeseboard

How to Create a Pinterest-Worthy Cheeseboard

By Guest Styler | 15th December 2016

Over the years, the humble cheeseboard has become a staple at almost every event. The takeover was so subtle you barely noticed it happening. Now they’re everywhere.

Seriously, I dare you to find a cocktail function or housewarming party without one of these tasty little suckers. You’ll probably have to search far and wide for such an event, unless you happen to know a party host who is lactose intolerant. (A moment of silence for our comrade, please.)

It may sound like the plot of an enemy army, but who’s complaining about all cheeseboards? Seriously, think about it: an array of your favourite cheeses, crackers, fruit and quince – it’s practically heavenly!

Image: Giphy

Image: Giphy

But the art of constructing the perfect platter isn’t as simple as it might sound. You can’t just dump a bunch of cheese on a plate. Put some thought into your cheeseboard and create something practically Pinterest-worthy.

1. Start with a nice, neutral platter – preferably something timber.
2. Select several contrasting cheeses (perhaps brie, blue and cheddar).
3. Place the cheeses on opposite sides of the platter (ensuring that none are touching).
4. Add some crackers (I prefer wafer) but be sure not to add too many – you can always top it up as you go.
5. Carb-lovers, choose your bread (only ONE variety, please) and place on the platter.
6. Now for the quince! Simply remove the lid and place the container on the board and you’re in business.
7. Fill the remaining space with fruit. Top tip: figs and strawberries are the perfect fit.
8. Olives, pickles and breadsticks can also be added if desired.

Remember: the key to the perfect platter is styling. So be careful where you place things. Even though you’re planning to stuff your face with it, aesthetic is important. Now get your phone out!

Image: Pinterest

Image: Pinterest

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Article by Guest Styler

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