How To Create A Picture-Perfect Cheese Platter

How To Create A Picture-Perfect Cheese Platter

Say cheese! Here are the tips to make everything look as good as it tastes.

By Superior Fruit & Wendy’s Kitchen | 1st June 2016

From selecting the perfect cheeses to experimenting with colour combinations of different fruits and pastes, constructing a cheese platter can be a little daunting.

What cheeses are crowd-pleasers? How do people make crackers look so elegant and artistic? In the few minutes before your guests demolish it, it’s nice knowing that you managed
to create an Insta-worthy platter.

There is no denying that cheese is always the hero of any platter so nailing your selection is essential.

Style spoke with Peter Maniatis, owner of Superior Fruit & Wendy’s Kitchen about his top tips for plating a picture-perfect cheese platter:



Comparing cheddar with cheddar can be a little boring. Mix up the texture of your selection with soft, aged, firm or blue cheese to create an interesting cheese-tasting experience.


Check what type of milk was used to make your cheese! Though commonly overlooked, this element can really impact your platter as goat’s and sheep’s milk have a very different texture and taste to cow’s milk.


Everything from crackers and breads to dried fruits and pastes can add interest to your platter and enhance your cheese experience. When it comes to cheese pairing, the opportunities
are endless and choosing different shapes, sizes, tastes and textures all work together to make your platter look and taste delicious.


Whether your cheese board is round, square or oval, made out of glass, wood or tile, keep your platter interesting with different visual elements!

Feel like your platter skills are chalk and cheese? Superior Fruit is launching the Farmers Table Experience: How-To Series and will host their first in-store workshop on how to build the perfect fruit and cheese platter for those looking to up their cheese cred!

Superior Fruit & Wendy’s Kitchen
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Article by Superior Fruit & Wendy’s Kitchen

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