Pour Us A G&T Because We Are Obsessed With This BNE Newcomer!

Pour Us A G&T Because We Are Obsessed With This BNE Newcomer!

This West End-newcomer is shaking up the Brisbane bar scene.

By Siobhan Taylor | 30th November 2017

Seriously guys, we are truly #blessed here in Brisbane. Not only do we bask in the glow of 261 sunny days a year, we are also home to a veritable goldmine of innovative bars and restaurants. Nothing like the pretentiously trendy or unbearably stuffy bars like some other cities (*cough* Sydney), Brisbane boasts so many damn good bars that we could go somewhere different every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night of the year and still have more venues to discover!

The newest kid to join the scene, Covent Garden West End, is an understated-yet-spectacular gin bar tucked away on one of Brisbane’s most iconic strips. This lush, botanical oasis was designed with summer afternoons in mind, celebrating weather that is a far cry from its not-so-sunny-London town namesake. With multiple bars sprawling across two levels and two greenery-draped courtyards, Covent Garden is, in every meaning of the word, stunning. With a brilliant stained-glass ceiling dome commanding your attention, art-deco inspired design elements adding a sense of whimsy, and plush furnishings that encourage, nay, demand long afternoons lounging with a drink in hand. Brand + Slater Architects and interior specialist Luis Nheu have spared no expense on the décor. Feeling both luxurious and welcoming, this urban oasis is suitable for everything from boozy-brunches to sophisticated functions (and you can bet we’ll be testing this theory many, many times over).


Okay, sorry for rambling on about the décor. It’s just really, really good. On to the main attraction, their menu! After all, Covent Garden is first and foremost a gin bar, something they have approached with gusto, boasting over 120 different types of craft gin from across the world. When you first step over the threshold you are greeted with a bright and colourful bar with rows and rows of gin just begging to be sipped. Whether you’re a gin connoisseur or something of a novice, their clever menu makes it easy to discover something new, with a handy guide identifying tipples based on different flavour profiles such as botanical, spicy and sweet. Furthermore, each gin is accompanied with a carefully selected fresh garnish to best complement that specific pour. Fancy, no? Or, if you’re more of a Cosmo kind of girl (aren’t we all at heart?), their cocktail menu is enough to make you dizzy, with an impressive selection of classic and contemporary shakes. The Clover Club, made with gin, raspberry, lemon and egg white, packs a punch that will have you stumbling back for seconds. Or, if you’re keen to throw caution to the wind entirely, employ the help of the professionals. Their expert team of bartenders can help you choose a drink to suit your specific tastes and preferences, making it easier than ever to develop a new cocktail obsession (good for your fave drinks repertoire, bad for your wallet).


If you’re not gin-inclined, first of all, who broke your spirit? Second of all, that’s totally fine. Covent Garden’s menu has been carefully crafted to cater to all drinking preferences. With pours like Aperol Spritz and Pimm’s Cup available on tap, there’s no reason why the whole gang can’t join in.

If you like your drink served with tasty eats on the side, their menu includes everything from bite-sized morsels to heartier dishes. Their signature G + High Tea is not your grandmother’s tea party, and includes a watering can filled with their signature G & Tea (Tanqueray gin, creme de mure, citrus, cranberry, grapefruit, and strawberry and cream tea soda) as well as an impressive spread of sweet and savoury bites that will have you fighting your friends for every last piece.

At the end of the day, Covent Garden is about good food, good drinks, and even better company. With a spacious restaurant space and plush outdoor seating that has us dreaming of lazy Sunday afternoons, Covent Garden will surely be our go-to spot all summer long.


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Article by Siobhan Taylor

Brisbane gal through and through, Siobhan is an avid cider-enthusiast and a keen believer in brunch (house deposit be damned). When she's not at the beach, she can be spotted lusting after makeup she can't afford, re-watching The Office (the US version, obviously) or annoying her friends with her insane astrology theories (she's an Aquarius, FYI).