Drink Die Hard-themed cocktails in West End

Drink Die Hard-themed cocktails in West End

Welcome to the party, pal!

By Sarah Taviani | 11th April 2016

When Cobbler released a Top Gun-themed cocktail menu earlier this year, you probably thought your life was complete. You were wrong. Now the West End cocktail and whisky bar has delivered once again, giving us the Die Hard-themed autumn cocktail menu none of us knew we needed.

I’m talking the original Die Hard here, folks. The John McClane vs. Hans Gruber in a 40-storey skyscraper Die Hard.

The autumn menu features 25 beverages paying homage to everyone’s favourite Christmas movie. Fancy a flavour inspired by your favourite smart alec character? What about washing your favourite quote down with a delicious drink? Yes, I will take seven, please.

Cobbler Die Hard-themed cocktails, Die Hard, Bruce Willis, cocktails, drinks, Die Hard party

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The John McClane is a combination of Talisker 10 Smoky Whisky, Delord Fine Armagnac, peppermint tea, rosemary syrup, lavender bitters and a lemon twist – the perfect smoky sweetness for an action hero with a heart of gold.


Or maybe you’d rather toast to the villain of the piece? The Hans Gruber features Monkey Shoulder Whisky, Crème de Noyaux, cinnamon and caraway, Red Gum honey and orange bitters. This mixture is smooth and rich with a hint of ruggedness, just like Alan Rickman’s voice.

Cobbler Die Hard-themed cocktails, Bruce Willis, Alan Rickman, John McClane, Hans Gruber, cocktails, drinks, Die Hard cocktails

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With so many quotable concoctions on the menu, it’s hard to pick a favourite. Do I want a Welcome to the Party, Pal! or a Ho Ho Ho, Now I Have a Machine Gun? Decisions are hard… DIE HARD.

Those two drinks, by the way, are part of the Corpse Revivers range – a classic style of drink from the 1900s, which is designed to “revive” your body and provide a “hair of the dog” cure.

There’s also a range of refreshing tall coolers perfect for seeing out the last of the warm summer days. Don’t let their innocent name fool you, though; they’ll kick your butt quicker than you can say “Fists with your toes.”

But really, who could go past a Yippee-Ki-Yay, Motherf****r? With Appleton VX rum, lemon juice, pineapple, rose and jasmine orgeat and orange blossom water, it’s the perfect drink to knock back after a hard day fighting terrorists.

Cobbler Die Hard-themed cocktails, Bruce Willis, Alan Rickman, John McClane, Hans Gruber, cocktails, drinks, Die Hard cocktails

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The change of season brings with it the inclusion and infusion of fresh seasonal ingredients. PLUS, a super-popular Kombucha, a fermented, lightly effervescent sweetened black black or green tea drink.

With all this in addition to a 400+ strong whisky list and a BYO food policy, Cobbler has become the perfect venue to tickle your tastebuds.


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Article by Sarah Taviani

Sarah is a Journalist. She loves lists, stationery and dresses with pockets. Sarah frequently breaks her self-imposed book-buying ban when she’s not looking.


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