For the unlucky foodie trapped in a body intolerant to all things gluten, we’ve got just the news you’ve been waiting to hear. Thanks to The Gluten Free Meal Co. you can have the gluten free dishes of your dreams delivered direct to your doorstep.

The Coeliac-Australia endorsed home delivery service has been the pioneering force behind bringing gluten free foods to restaurant quality standards with bursts of flavour and passion.

The Gluten Free Meal Co. is a family owned and run business brought to fruition thanks to Grandma Sarla Gohlis. After witnessing her niece be denied the joy of sharing a family meal due to her restricted diet, Grandma Sarla knew something had to be done.

As a strong believer in quality choices for everyone, The Gluten Free Meal Co was born and has since hit the ground running.

Offering a large variety of choices, the menu is a real testament to the brand’s beliefs – not to mention their culinary expertise with pages of mouth-watering options.

Any lover of gluten could be easily fooled if they were served a dish from The Gluten Free Meal co. menu. Take for instance their Italian meatballs served on penne pasta or their country chicken and mushroom pie.

If you’re worried about the legitimacy of the claim to be completely gluten free – understandably hard to believe when you’re served chocolate profiteroles or curry with a side of roti – all ingredients are sourced from verified gluten free suppliers and meals are routinely sent out for external gluten testing by a third party.

So I know exactly what you’re thinking at this point, delicious gluten free meals delivered across Australia, they must cost a fortune seeing as my weekly shopping list costs a gluten free arm and leg.

Fortunately for you meals are $9.90 each with a minimum payment of $65 (1 meal a day for a week) with free shipping. A fairly standard price tag for ordinary meal delivery services, however, this service is anything but ordinary.

Now you have no excuses when it comes to taking your gluten free meals to new heights.

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