There’s Now An App Dedicated To Helping You Find BYO Restaurants!

There’s Now An App Dedicated To Helping You Find BYO Restaurants!

An app dedicated to bringing wine lovers and their favourite cuisines together!

By Bella Haigh | 8th August 2019

It feels like every week there’s a new app that pops up and takes the world by storm. Some apps are amazing (e.g. my personal fave, Uber Eats), and some are…not so great. However, we’ve just heard news about the release of an app that is genuinely worth the hype.

Wine retailer Cellarmasters has launched BYO Finder, a free app to help wine lovers discover BYO restaurants in their area. Now, if you’re a “certified” wine aficionado like me, you’ll have to pick up your jaw off the floor. Yep, there’s now an app dedicated to help you find a restaurant where you can bring your own booze. Now the days of worrying about paying an arm and a leg for a glass of wine are over and now, we’re free to bring any bottle of our choosing!

“Our customers love to know they can enjoy a great bottle when they dine, which is why they prefer BYO restaurants so they can bring their own.” General Manager of Cellarmasters Ben Copeman-Hill says. “We wanted to make it easy for them to have a great wining and dining experience every time, which is why we created the BYO Finder app.”

According to a survey conducted by Cellarmasters, over 74 percent of wine lovers prefer to dine at a BYO restaurant rather than a licenced venue. Now, this statistic is one we can definitely support as there’s nothing better than being able to bring your favourite bottle of wine to a restaurant that actually allows BYO.

But wait… there’s more! Although it may seem like this app can’t get any better, there’s one extra bit of information that raises the bar.. BYO Finder matches not only your favourite wine with any style of cuisine, it can also book you an Uber to the restaurant of your choice!

So, jump on your or Android and get booking as it’s available to download for free now! It will soon be available for iOS too!

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Article by Bella Haigh

With a love for all things travel, Bella is a Journalism student who is always planning her next getaway. When she isn’t Googling hidden gems in Florence or stalking her favourite travel blogger, you’ll find her drinking her weight in soy lattes, at a rooftop bar with friends, or devouring yet another avocado toast.


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