Buttermilk Chicken has been outed. Are you sitting down for this?

Buttermilk Chicken has been outed. Are you sitting down for this?

The brains behind all those breasts, thighs & legs.

By Elysha Medhurst | 25th May 2017

The genius behind everyone’s latest uberEATS favourite, Buttermilk chicken, has been unmasked. And you won’t believe who it is.

Winner Winner Chicken at Paddington has put up its hand and admitted: We are the brains behind Buttermilk.

Here at Style, we’ve been stuffing ourselves with ordered-in legs, breasts and thighs for weeks without knowing who was making this seriously good fried chicken.

So why all the secrecy? Winner Winner owners Ashleigh Bates and Luke Stringer say they wanted to try something new.

“We wanted to trial a buttermilk-style fried chicken before introducing it to the Winner Winner menu as it’s very different to the Nashville chicken we serve,” Ashleigh said. “UberEATS was the perfect platform for this, as we could use a different name and show people a completely new style of chicken without confusing the offering from Winner Winner.”

Ashleigh and Luke are excited to release their Buttermilk chicken goodness alongside their brand new menu which launched on Wednesday May 24.

There’s a new share-pack option called “Love me tender”. Picture eight succulent chicken tenders accompanied by a choice of three sides & three sauces. This “share” (but, hey, no one’s forcing you) pack is enough to make anyone want to love, and love tenderly. There will also be two new burgers for you to wrap your mouth around.

Their beloved buttermilk flavour will be a permanent option at Winner Winner Chicken.

If you’re more of a homebody, or you get a craving for Buttermilk chicken while rocking uggs and dirty hair, you can still get it delivered. Deliveroo & uberEATS to your heart’s desire.

I think the only right thing to do in this situation is to try the whole new menu. I’ll do the the right thing, I’ll volunteer.

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Article by Elysha Medhurst

This story has been written by a Guest Styler for Style


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