Brisbane’s newest namesake rum: Substation No.41 Rum

Brisbane’s newest namesake rum: Substation No.41 Rum

Australia’s largest rum bar, Substation No.41 rum bar, has just added it’s own premium rum brand to their ‘rum library’ of more than 500 varieties.

By Guest Styler | 17th July 2015

Queensland is the rum capital of Australia, so it’s no wonder that while rum is undergoing a strong resurgence, we are seeking local, high quality, premium brands, that are both great on the rocks and in our favourite cocktails.

Since opening their doors in 2012, the passionate team at Substation No.41 Rum Bar have dreamed of having their own premium and authentic rum to sit alongside the bar’s current offerings; more than 500 varieties from more than 50 countries.

So, a few years ago bar-fronting brothers and rum specialists, Stuart and Simon Griffith, pooled their expertise to create the premium taste of Substation No. 41 Rum.

Stuart says in order to create the signature Substation No.41 Rum they went back and forth on about eight different blends before they perfected the signature taste.

“Substation No. 41 is a dark rum created from an authentic blend made with Australia’s finest Queensland sugarcane molasses. The result is a golden rum with an understated, yet rich flavour that further cements Queensland’s position as the home of rum in Australia,” Stuart says.

So, what’s the new rum like, apart from delicious of course? When I had the pleasure of trying the signature rum, I could taste plum, a rich vanilla or toffee-like note, as well as cinnamon. I suppose it was sort of has the aromas of a warm Christmas fruitcake and was easy on the palate neat or in their signature cocktails; rum punch, orange mojito and summer storm.

Substation No.41 Rum Bar Cocktails

Substation No.41 Rum Bar Cocktails

Stuart explains the Substation No.41 Rum is a golden dark rum aged for a minimum of two years in oak barrels and has been carefully crafted with Queenslander’s (and Brisbane-ites) tastes in mind.

“In our years behind the bar, we’ve learnt that Australians love sweet caramel and toffee flavours in rum. We made sure that these two tastes are particularly noticeable in Substation No.41 Rum,” he says.

Stuart describes the first mouth of Substation No.41 Rum has a creaminess with medium sweetness, opening up to butterscotch and light oakiness then revealing hints of liquorice, fennel, cinnamon, apricots and honey suckle.

But, don’t just take our words for it, pop in to the bar to try the signature Substation No. 41 Rum for yourself or purchase a bottle for later at Dan Murphy’s for $43.99.

Substation No. 41 Rum Bar
Breakfast Creek Hotel
2 Kingsford Smith Dve
Breakfast Creek, QLD, 4010
P 3262 5988


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Article by Guest Styler

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