Brisbane's Newest Foodie Trend: Deconstructed Dishes

Brisbane's Newest Foodie Trend: Deconstructed Dishes

What is with all the DIY coffee, cocktails and desserts?

By Sarah Tayler | 20th March 2018

With the rise of deconstructed coffees, cocktails and desserts in restaurants around Brisbane, here at the Style HQ we started to think to ourselves: are we being offered a cool new way to dine? Or being ripped off by paying to make our own dinner? Is a deconstructed carbonara innovative? Or just a block of cheese and a poached egg on a plate?

deconstructed coffees

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Foodie extraordinaire, Karen Inglis-Turner, owner of Gold Coast Food & Wine Tours is a fan of the deconstructed trend.

“It is something that has been around for a while now, and when it’s done well it looks spectacular,” said Karen. “It gives the dish a really modern look and really wows the person receiving it.”

So, with that in mind, we decided to delve into the deconstructed offerings in the city and beyond.


Cafés up and down the coast, and in the city itself have been serving deconstructed coffee more and more. While we have to admit it makes a pretty cool Insta shot, we can’t help but think we might be being ripped off. If you are also thinking “If I wanted to make my own coffee I would have had one at home and saved the five bucks!”, you, like us, would be wrong. According to Corinne McMillan from Social Brews.

“We believe deconstructed coffees are better than regular coffees due to customers being able to build their drink to their taste. Whether they add sugar syrup or extra coffee is up to them,” Corinne told Style.

The Social Brew cafés located at Burleigh and Paradise Point serve the deconstructed ice coffee which comes as frozen espresso shots in ice cubes, sugar syrup, hot espresso and milk all in separate glasses.

“Deconstructed coffees have been popular and customers like the look of them. It is something different and extremely eye-catching when presented on the tray. We also do Deconstructed Iced Chocolates and the kids love them because of all the ways they can interact with their drink.”

Though you may get that killer Insta shot these DIY coffees will set you back $2 more than a regular brew. Is it worth it? You will have to try one and find out!

deconstructed coffees


Electric Avenue in Woolloongabba, opened just under a year ago by the team behind Canvas Club, have also jumped on the DIY bandwagon. Offering a deconstructed lemon meringue pie, named Calamity Jane. The dessert is made up of meyer lemon milk sorbet, honey cured egg yolk, rye cracker and butter snow meringue. The idea for the dessert came from the fun and playful vibe at the late-night Southside venue.

“The guys in the kitchen like to experiment and play with different serving styles, and make their plates look pretty, just like the venue,” said Daniel Rodriguez, one of Electric Avenue’s owners.

“The Calamity Jane has been very popular, especially with customers who come in later in the evening just for cocktails and desserts. We had it as a summer special but it will be on our menu full-time for winter.”

Serving food until 11pm, the gastropub is popular with late-night diners. As well as keeping the kitchen open late, Electric Avenue has a few more tricks up its sleeve to keep people coming back. The Jack Rabbit Speakeasy, accessed through a wardrobe inside Electric Avenue, is probably Brisbane’s worst kept secret and well worth a visit. A little birdy also told us that there is another secret project underway (think rooftop dining), due to be completed in time for the festive season.

deconstructed coffees


The Noosa Boathouse has been serving deconstructed dishes for a while now. Chef Shane Bailey creates the dishes like this to allow the customer to adjust and tailor the flavours to their liking. One of the current dishes on the menu is Grilled Local Fish with Deconstructed Thai Yellow Curry and Crunchy Asian Vegetables. Customers can choose from the four or five daily fish options and the curry sauce and pineapple salsa is served on the side, so you can create the curry yourself.

“People like to have control over their flavours, especially when chilli is involved,” Sarah Bradford from Noosa Boathouse told Style.

“It allows them to adjust the heat while still enjoying the flavours of the curry sauce. It also keeps the vegetables crunchy and the skin crispy on the fish until they eat it, as it’s not drowned in curry sauce. The pineapple salsa is to balance out the flavours and can be eaten during or after the main dish to cleanse the palette. It’s a perfect match of flavours.”

deconstructed coffees

So, there you have it Brisbane, if you want control over the strength of your coffee, a fancy Insta pic, or to choose how spicy your curry is, deconstructed is the only way to dine.

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Article by Sarah Tayler

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