Cheese Therapy Club will cure what ails you

Cheese Therapy Club will cure what ails you

How gouda is this, guys?!

By Guest Styler | 30th March 2016

Does it get any feta than this? OK, the puns may be a little cheesy, but let it brie because it’s time to come to cheddar and share your appreciation for all things CHEESE with Brisbane’s newest club!

Image: She's The Man (2006), Giphy cheese channing tatum

Image: She's The Man (2006), Giphy

We’re all HUGE cheese fanatics! And if you’re not… well, you just haven’t found the right cheese yet!

The new Brisbane cheese club, formed by Cheese Therapy, launched earlier this month with a mission to open Brisbane foodies’ minds to interesting cheese flavours while giving them access to hard-to-get cheeses from across the globe. Not only do they have their own cheesemonger, but they have their own chief cheese therapist too!

Oh yeah, we feel that! Cheese therapy would definitely rank higher than retail therapy any day of the week! PLUS, you can pair it with wine and be classy. You’d look a bit weird wandering around the shops with a glass of wine in hand.

Becoming a member guarantees four different cheeses will be delivered to your door every month, as well as other gourmet deli goodies on request. And it’s stuff that can’t be bought in the regular shops either!

The bad news: you’ve missed their launch party with special guest Peter Russell-Clarke. The good news: there’s still plenty of time to join the club, get your first cheese delivery by mid-April (the Chief Cheese Therapist has confirmed it will include cheeses from Basque, Ireland, Italy and Australia) and be invited to their upcoming club member events, including cheese masterclasses and picnics!

Join the Cheese Therapy club here. They say the first rule of Cheese Club is to tell EVERYONE about Cheese Club. So you’re welcome!

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