Brisbane’s Best Sliders

Brisbane’s Best Sliders

Style’s slider decider starts here…

By Candice Jackson | 26th November 2015

It’s a battle of the mini-buns, and while they’re not the heavyweights of the burger world, they still pack a mighty punch when it comes to flavour.

For the indecisive, the sharers and the not-so-big-plate eaters, sliders are the perfect bite-sized yet filling addition to any menu. They’re an opportunity to have multiple meals (and meats) in the one sitting without looking like a pig, AND having room for a few drinks with mates – cheers to that!

Here are nine hot contenders for Brisbane’s best sliders:

1. Tippler’s Tap

Tippler's Tap, sliders

These sliders come HIGHLY recommended by foodie critics, fellow Stylers and all-round burger fiend folk of Brisbane. Head down the stairs of Newstead’s craft beer bar bunker Tippler’s Tap and straight to the counter to order your own slider board. They have a pork belly slider with honey sauce, a haloumi and mushroom slider, as well as the recently added mini Reuben and grilled chicken slider.

Tippler’s Tap, Newstead

2. Alfred & Constance

Have you ever ordered a purple slider? It might be time you did. Alfred & Constance sell salmon mini burgers with watercress, caper and preserved lemon mayo and thick-cut tomato. And it’s served on a beetroot bun. Thus the pretty purple.

Alfred & Constance, Fortitude Valley

3. The Triffid

The Triffid, sliders

It might be one of Brisbane’s newest premier music venues, but The Triffid’s food options are attracting a crowd of their own. Two Stylers trialed the trio of sliders on the “dude food”-inspired menu and approved them for dudes and dudettes alike. The trio of sliders include a Triffid slider with beef, Triffid chicken slider and a haloumi slider.

The Triffid, Newstead

4. Happy Boy

Tucked away behind a nondescript roller door in a Spring Hill backstreet, the rustic-chic Chinese restaurant Happy Boy serves up a menu full of delicious share plates and feast options. Choose the Gua Bao (crispy sliders with slow cooked pork belly) for a shared side, or as an entrée of your own.

Happy Boy, Spring Hill

5. Darling & Co

Bhani mi sliders, Darling and Co

Whether it’s a long lunch or a dinner date, the Borrowdale pork belly bahn mi sliders are a sophisticated starter to your darling meal. Be prepared for a bit of spice, though, as the Siracha mayo may be a little strong for some. But we say BRING IT ON!

Darling & Co, Paddington

6. 5 Boroughs

5 Boroughs, sliders

How could we forget these South Side ’Merican legends? At 5 Boroughs on the main Stones Corner strip, you’ll find more than hot dogs and burgers. They have three sliders for the meat-eaters (5B classic slider with grass-fed Angus beef, 5B chicken slider with flat grilled chicken, and the 5B pork slider with 12-hour pulled pork). And for the and for the vegos, the 5B vegie slider has grilled haloumi, beetroot relish and minted slaw.

5 Boroughs, Stones Corner

7. Super Whatnot

Hiding in an unsuspecting CBD laneway, Super Whatnot offers an intimate hangout for the craft beer lovers and American food fans. While not currently listed on their menu online, our boss tells us they sell a pretty spectacular seconds-worthy slider.

Super Whatnot, Brisbane CBD

8. Koma Sliders

Koma Sliders

Head to Hamilton’s Eat Street Markets for Korean-American fusion at its best, or check where their new food truck will pop up next. Koma Sliders offer three slider varieties, all served with your choice of of honey soy slaw or kimchi slaw. There is the Holy Cow with Korean Bulgogi-style BBQ sliced rib eye, the Sweet Pig with miso pork belly, and the Hot Chick with spicy BBQ chicken.

Koma Sliders, Hamilton

9. Low Road Cafe

Is Friday your cheat day? If it is, you’re in luck! (And if you’re like, “What’s a cheat day?” then we’re with you!) The eclectic, tropical and a little edgy Low Road Cafe offers a different slider special every Friday. Sit outside, drink some beers or their signature banana, pineapple and coconut whip milkshake, play some board games and chow down on their delicious two slider combo with fries.

Low Road Cafe, Windsor


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Article by Candice Jackson

Candice Jackson is a former Journalist of Style Magazines. She has an uncontrollable sweet tooth, an irrational fear of birds and a love of travel. Candice believes in the Yes Man Philosophy.


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