Brisbane's best peanut butter dishes

Brisbane's best peanut butter dishes

Attention peanut butter addicts! Style has scoped out Brisbane’s best peanut butter dishes.

By Guest Styler | 17th September 2014

By Claudia Jambor

Peanuts. They're a versatile nut, appearing as salty bar snacks with beer through to decadent desserts. Whichever way you have 'em, there's no debating they're a delightfully nutty ingredient making a move on menus across the Brisbane food landscape. If you want to find out more about Brisbane's best peanut butter dishes, we've gathered them here for you. Think we've left one out that's a must-include? Let us know!

South Side Diner

The South Side Diner understand the needs of Brisbane’s hard core peanut butter addicts go beyond its delicious chocolate peanut butter pie. Peanut butter fans can also wash down their pie with the delectable spread infused into two indulgent beverage options, a scrumptious peanut butter milkshake and the Peanut Nutter cocktail, a scrumptious blend of vodka, Frangelico, peanut butter syrup, milk and vanilla ice cream.

Shop B8/B9 168 Grey St, South Bank

Ben’s Burgers

Ben’s Burger’s peanut breakfast option is far from the mundane peanut butter and honey on toast. The Elvis burger is an indulgent stack of bacon, peanut butter and maple syrup encased in two bread buns. If you've got burning love for the good stuff, this Graceland-inspired dish will have you all shook up.

5 Winn St, The Valley

Lock 'n' Load

Staying true to their eclectic food theme, Lock 'n' Load challenge the peanut butter addict to spice thing up with their ricotta doughnuts with peanut butter anglaise, house made jam complete with chocolate and chilli ganache.

142 Boundary St, West End

Kettle & Tin

The 'Big Tin Milkshake' is a Kettle & Tin invention that is on every Paddington folk's lips. This nutty beverage is filled to the brim with peanut butter, so it's definitely not for the feint of heart. Trust us when was say that it is possibly the best $6 that a peanut connoisseur can spend.

215 Given Terrace, Paddington


Ever had peanut butter pizza? Step up your peanut butter consumption and try Cowch’s nutty banana dessert pizza. Served on a peanut butter base and topped with bananas and crushed almonds it's a very fancy version of peanut butter on toast.

2/179 Grey St, South Bank

The Dirty South

Similarly to Cowch, The Dirty South have whipped up a luscious dessert pizza starring our favourite nutty condiment. Be sure to arrive with a big appetite, their caramelized banana pizza with layered with candied bacon, double cream, peanut butter and jelly is devilishly rich and will leave you bursting at the seams.

180 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington

Chocolate Komberry

Chocolate Komberry's peanut butter Tim Tam cronut featured at the Eat Street Markets has been the talk of Brisbane town recently. See what all of the fuss is about and dig your teeth through the 64 layers of Danish pastry to the divine peanut butter cream centre. Finished off with a coat of dairy milk chocolate topped with crushed Tim Tams, this is a peanut butter experience not to be missed!

Macarthur Av, Hamilton

San Churro

San Churro clearly had the peanut butter lover in mind when they were writing up their menu. The “peanut butter melt” option involves adding a spoonful of nutty goodness into any of their hot chocolate beverages from the Couverture hot chocolate menu. Ermahgerrrd!

2/161 Grey St, South Bank

Shop 7/89 Charlotte Street, City


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