Brisbane's Best Iced Coffee

Brisbane's Best Iced Coffee

Because everything’s better chilled.

By Emily Halverson | 29th February 2016

Iced coffee is our lord and saviour. It’s there for us when it feels like 100 degrees outside, we’re five seconds from melting into a human-coloured puddle on the ground and we still need the elixir of life (a caffeine hit) to get us going.

To help you blitz all those summer woes and energy lows even when you’re about to spontaneously combust, we’ve compiled a list of our absolute fave cold brews in Brisbane.


Lots of our favourite drinks come in dark glass bottles: wine, liqueur, more wine, and now coffee! Pre-bottled cold coffees are fast becoming a trend for coffee connoisseurs. If you’re after a house-made bottled brew, say goodbye to dehydration and disappointment and head to Bunker Specialty Coffee for one of their crowd favourite cold-pressed coffees.

ELIXIR HQ, Stafford

Tucked away in the backstreets of Brisbane’s northern suburbs, Elixir HQ boasts one of the most expansive coffee ranges in Brisbane. You’ll be spoilt for choice with their cold coffees, and there’s even something for the sweet tooths with iced lattes and mochas available as well! After something more authentic? Try their explosive flavoured cold drip. If you enjoy a strong and fruity blend, this one’s for you.


Hand-bottled in West End since 2007, the cold drip coffee at Blackstar Coffee Roasters has become an icon. These famous cold brews are locally roasted, brewed with Maleny Dairies Milk and served to you in a fun and relaxed café.

LTD ESPRESSO + BREW BAR, Fortitude Valley

Another pre-bottled enthusiast, Ltd Espresso serves up some smooth and delicious cold brew coffees. If you’re after a warm ambiance and friendly service, this is the place to go. Located on Brunswick Street, Ltd Espresso is quickly growing in popularity and it’s not hard to see why.

SCOUT CAFÉ, Petrie Terrace

This super-cute and quirky café brings in quite the crowd on a busy morning. It may take longer to get your caffeine fix, but a line is a definite indicator of amazing quality. Scout is home to delicious iced coffees and welcoming service – the perfect café combo. Pair your iced coffee with one of their delicious bagels and enjoy!

CAMPOS COFFEE, Fortitude Valley

Serving up some of the best quality coffee in Brisbane, it’s no surprise that Campos Coffee in Fortitude Valley is also home to some great chilled choices. This popular café boasts delicious iced lattes, coffees, mochas, long blacks as well as cold press. The most difficult part of your day will be deciding which one to order.

CAFÉ O-MAI, Annerley

If you’ve ever tried Vietnamese iced coffee, you’ll know just how deliciously sweet and addictive this rare gem can be. Café O-Maí is one of the few Brisbane cafés serving up this caffeinated delight and boy do they do it well. Treat yourself to traditional Vietnamese coffee slow-dripped onto condensed milk and poured over ice. Or try their O-Maí iced latte with a scoop of ice-cream and fresh double shot espresso poured over milk. Whichever you choose, be sure to order with a plate of one of their authentic Vietnamese breakfasts.

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Article by Emily Halverson

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