Brisbane's Best Healthy Eats

Brisbane's Best Healthy Eats

Don't put yourself under house arrest; there are heaps of healthy food options right on your doorstep.

By Eveline Fielding | 9th March 2016

It happens all the time: your skin breaks out, you realise you’re bloated enough to be carrying quadruplets and you want to sleep for years. You decide it’s time for healthy eats and a fitness kick. No more eating out, you vow joyously! Only nutritious home-cooked meals devoid of fat, salt, dairy, red meat, carbohydrates and anything that makes anything taste good! Maybe you’ll never be able to go out with your friends to nice places and maybe your finances and sanity will suffer from buying and preparing nothing but organic food every day of the week, but it’ll all be worth it! Right??

This all goes well until the protein deficiency, withdrawal headaches, loneliness and fatigue set in and you’re sitting alone in your kitchen eating flavourless poached chicken and beans for the sixth night in a row. And then things get ugly.

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Eating healthily and eating out shouldn’t be mutually exclusive, which is why we’ve found some of the most nutritious, nourishing and nom-nom-nommiest eats across Brisbane. No cooking. No guilt. No worries.

And don’t worry, they’re not all non-dairy, low-carb, non-fat, non-flavour, chia-açai-birdseed smoothie blasts made by a girl named Juniper as she rides a unicycle.

It’s all about having a little bit of everything in moderation, so go ahead and give yourself a healthy serve with our top picks for the best healthy eats around Brisbane.


Paw Paw Café, Woolloongabba

A long time foodie fave located in Woolloongabba, Paw Paw Café is chock-a-block with Cocowhip, breakfast bowls, smoothies and a delicious array of brekky options that you can enjoy all day. Great food plus a cool decor, open space and coconut espresso and you’re living your island fantasy.

Paw Paw Cafe Woollongabba Brisbane's Best Healthy Eats Food Story Article Feature

Image: The Paw Paw Cafe

Pineapple Express, Hamilton
You’ll be addicted to Pineapple Express in no time… no, no, we mean the cafe!! Focused on super foods and breakfast that is “good for your insides”, the cafe gives classics such as waffles, pancakes and poached eggs a healthy makeover without skimping on the flavour. Stick around for lunch and try a “naked burger” made with iceberg lettuce cups instead of bread buns.

Primal Pantry, Nundah
You don’t have to be a Paleo partisan to enjoy Primal’s tasty breakfast options, including almond porridge with apple sauce, mushroom, bacon and golden shallot ragout and their special Caveman Plate. Indulge in the healing broths and superfood smoothie bowls and you’ve got a nutritious start to the day fit for any Neanderthal.


Kitchen Sanitarium, CBD
A welcome healthy eats dining option for city-dwellers, Kitchen Sanitarium is all about plant-based eating. We’re talking fruit and veg, breads, cereals, whole grain products, nuts and seeds transformed into delicious meals such as lentil and five bean chili and cheesy mixed bean and pumpkin quesadilla. It’s suitable for all ages and as healthy as you can get!

Paleo Café, Bulimba
Why hello there, open beef and bacon burger. How do you do, fritter stack? Nice to EAT you, lamb shish kebabs and cauli couscous! It’s not weird. You would be cooing to your meal as well if it was 100 per cent paleo as well as gluten- and sugar-free. And don’t even start us on the smoothies!

Paleo Cafe Bulimba Brisbane Brisbane's Best Healthy Eats Food Story Feature List Article

Image: The Paleo Cafe

The Baker’s Arms, Woolloongabba
The Baker’s Arms has it all; along with great coffee and gluten-free cake, there are plenty of vegan and vegetarian salads and wraps to enjoy. Even the bready meals such as sandwiches and lasagna are healthier than others since they’re made with spelt flour, a much healthier carb option!


Little Greek Taverna, West End
Thank Zeus for a healthy dinner menu that’s packed with flavour! The Little Greek Taverna offers an authentic Greek menu with plenty of grilled fish, tangy Greek salad, marinated grilled meat and much more. In other words, it’s the perfect eatery for anyone on the Mediterranean diet – out with salt and saturated fats, in with vegetables and olive oil!

Mondo Organics, West End
It seems West End is keeping all of the healthy dinner options to itself, but we’re willing to make the commute for Mondo Organics. Not only is it a fantastic cooking school and caterer that focuses on organic Modern Australian cuisine, its weekend dinner menu also offers an array of dairy-free, gluten-free and vegetarian options including Coffin Bay oysters, seafood salad and braised rabbit with spelt puff pastry. YUM!

Mondo Organics Brisbane's Best Healthy Eats Seafood Brisbane Story Feature Article

Image: Pinterest

Quan Thanh, West End
The chefs at Quan Thanh keep it simple with no frills, minimum fat, frugal pricing and plenty of flavour. With a simple but delicious Pan-Asian menu to keep you satisfied, sit back and enjoy your beef vermicelli noodle salad and vegetarian spring rolls with some BYO wine and some West End atmosphere.

Snack time

Sourced Grocer, Newstead
The Sourced Grocer’s all-day menu is a healthy snacker’s dream, with house-made spelt, apple and currant bread, house rye crumpets and some of the best bircher around town. Combine it with their smoothies and a shop around their healthy produce and you’ll feel right at home whiling away the day on their front steps.

Miss Bliss Wholefoods, West End

Miss Bliss is worth going to for its atmosphere alone, with a relaxed, open vibe to match its eclectic West End setting. Add to that its breakfast pots, house-made vegan granola and Wellness Board (gooey eggs and sweet potato hummus, mmmm), and you’ll see why it’s earned its rep as a healthy eater’s paradise.

Miss Bliss Whole Foods Brisbane's Best Healthy Eats

Kiss The Berry, CBD
Brisbane’s very first store to get on the açaí bowl trend, Kiss The Berry is all about educating and satisfying their customers with super foods. Whether it’s fruit, juice, coconut water, almond milk, honey or their handmade granola, you know there’ll be some açaí blended in, all beautifully arranged in an Insta-worthy bowl.


Botanica, Red Hill

No, you’re not crazy, you’ve heard us rave about Botanica a million times before. But how can we not when they give us gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan lunches that have maximum flavour and, more impressively, fill us up? Plus, they have HEALTHY chocolate fudge cookies, a.k.a what dreams are made of.

Botanica Brisbane's Best Healthy Eats Story Feature Takeaway Salad

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No No’s Lebanese, Red Hill
Like the Mediterranean diet, Lebanese cuisine as authentically prepared as No No’s at Red Hill has a bevy of health benefits thanks to its concentration on olive oil, whole grains, fish, vegetables and legumes. We’ll take our healthy eats with a side of hummus and baba ganoush, thanks!

Little Saigon Grill, CBD
Looking to boost your immune system, kickstart some weight loss, gain energy and reduce your fat and gluten intake? Get onto a Vietnamese diet with some help from the Little Saigon Grill. Their gluten-free pho noodle soups are a house specialty with a great rep to match.

Honourable mentions:

Govinda’s Vegetarian Restaurant
Nodo Donuts
Pamela’s Pantry

Main Image: Primal Pantry, Pinterest

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