Brisbane’s Best Fancy Pancakes

Brisbane’s Best Fancy Pancakes

Whether you want the best hangover breakfast, a quality brunch, or you're just craving hotcakes, we've got your guide to the best fancy pancakes in Brisbane!

By Amber Lowther | 9th June 2015

By Amber Lowther and Lucy Stephens

Remember when pancakes were a simple flour and water affair - topped with a smear of butter, which you watch melt into the stack before topping with a squeeze on honey or maple syrup?

Not any more - now it's all about protein, , and fancy shmancy toppings. If fancy pancakes are what you're craving for your next breakfast date,  we've scoured Brisbane to bring you the best places to satisfy your taste buds and change the way you eat these heavenly hot cakes.  You’ll have your breakfast for cold winter mornings sorted with these decadent delights… oh, and don’t forget to wear your fancy pants too (or stretchy ones - at the very least).

If these don't tickle your fancy for whatever reason (who are you?), you can check out our best sweet breakfasts and best savoury breakfasts too..

Pancake Manor

Impossible to leave out of this list, Pancake Manor is the go-to for pancakes in Brisbane - any time of the day or night. From ‘Jaffa Orange’, to ‘Bavarian Apple’ and everything in between, you are bound to have more hits than misses at Pancake Manor.

Cream Patisserie Boulangerie

Try Cream's Ricotta Buttermilk Hotcakes with choc-chip butter, maple syrup, blueberry compôte or balsamic strawberries. This sweet breakfast will help you start your day on a high. Located in Cooparoo, this gem is open all day everyday for fabulous pancakes.

Pompidou Café

For something a little healthier, try the chickpea and carrot pancakes at Pompidou Café. With hommus, labna, wilted spinach, chorizo and a poached egg, this unique concoction will go down a treat and save you from that dreaded sugar rush.

The Ponycat

Ponycat has a range of delicious breakfast options to satisfy your cravings! With a range of healthy breakfast options, you can’t go past their unique pancakes on the menu. Try their sweet potato pancakes, served on a bed of dressed spinach with eggplant kasundi with ham.

Shouk Café

Bringing the flavours of the Middle East to Paddington, Shouk has a delightful menu with a range of affordable eats. For something completely different, have the ‘Latke Stack. This is a Polish potato pancake stack with cream cheese, dill, pickled red onions, two poached eggs and your choice of smoked salmon, bacon, avocado or haloumi. Impressive!

Shady Palms Café & Bar

Banana lovers rejoice – Shady Palms offers the most delicious variation of a banana pancake. With chocolate cherry sauce, candied pecans and ice-cream, this will be an ultimate melt-in-your-mouth sensation.

Locavore Café

This café sources produce within a 160km radius and showcases seasonal, sustainable and ethical produce from across Southeast Queensland. For a fresh start to the day, give the Locavore gingerbread pancake a go. With clotted cream, fresh figs, honeycomb and bee pollen, the best part is knowing where the ingredients came from!

Primal Pantry

Primal is a 100 percent paleo grocer, café and takeaway. If you love eating paleo, this is the perfect place for a fancy pancake breakky. Take a seat in their big outdoor seating area and enjoy the blueberry hot cakes with coyo, maple syrup and a fruit medley. Healthy - and bloody tasty.


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Article by Amber Lowther

Amber is a former contributor at Style Magazines. She runs her own fashion and beauty blog and has an obsession with Batman. When she’s not stuffing her face with Italian food, she’s adding new shoes to her wardrobe and dreaming of NYC.


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