Brisbane's Best Boutique Breweries

Brisbane's Best Boutique Breweries

Because... beer.

By Hannah Doody | 11th June 2015

When the Sumerians in ancient Mesopotamia stumbled upon the fermentation process and started brewing beer, who’d have thought that 12,000 years later we would still be crafting and perfecting this humble combo of barley, hops, yeast and water? Despite being incredibly delicious and refreshing, some anthropologists say that these early peoples’ love of beer may have contributed to the Neolithic Revolution by inspiring new agricultural technologies! Like we needed another reason to love beer, right?

In the last few years, Brisbane has really cemented itself as a bourgeoning beer lover’s paradise. Gone are the days of splashing out on a carton of TEDs (Toohey’s Extra Dry, for those unfamiliar); these days we’re spoilt for choice with craft beers even popping up on the taps at your local. Forget the XXXX brewery, there are many micro-breweries tucked away, concocting and serving up the best of this delicious golden nectar to Brisbane locals.

So, pay a tribute to our ancestors, line your stomach and work your way through this list (responsibly, of course…) of Brisbane’s best boutique breweries:

1. For preservative-free brews: Brisbane Brewing Co.



Down a laneway in West End, you’ll find Brisbane Brewing Co., A legend among locals, their beers are as fresh as they come, use no preservatives (all are made with only barley, yeast, water and hops), and you can even take your beer home when you pick up a ‘growler’ and fill it with any of the beers on tap. Interested in a beer masterclass? Brisbane Brewing Co. offer ‘Brew’niversity’; a journey through the process used to craft their beers from start to finish. Afterwards, indulge in a complete degustation of beer, including the ingredients, the beer itself and food to match in the airy, green beer garden.

Where to find their beer in Brisbane…
Sister venue Brewhouse Brisbane in Woolloongabba stocks Brisbane Brewing Co.’s entire range of beer.

Brisbane Brewing Co
124 Boundary St, West End
P 3891 1011

2. For the oldest of the new: Newstead Brewing Co.



The brainchild of ex-restaurateur Michael Conrad, scientist Mark Howes and Mark’s parents, Newstead Brewing Co. is a bus depot/art gallery-turned-brewery, which they describe as Brisbane’s oldest new craft brewery. Wait… What? Having previously owned and run Restaurant Two and Bistro Three, Michael’s fine dining influence is obvious, as they are known for their top-notch food including everything from onion rings to buffalo wings with blue cheese dipping sauce. Michael says the “food is not secondary to the beer, as people come for the beer and come back for the food”. Try their best-selling Two to the Valley IPA or the smooth and creamy Mayne Thing Golden Ale as you sit amongst the big shiny tanks where they were produced.

Where to find their beer in Brisbane…
50-60 venues in greater Brisbane and 40 bottle shops in south east Queensland.

Newstead Brewing Co.
85 Doggett St, Newstead
P 3172 2488

3. For experimental flavours: Bacchus Brewing Co.



Owner Ross Kenrick started home brewing and took over what is now Bacchus Brewing Co., just a day before it was due to close its doors. Four years later, Bacchus’ multi keg brew system allows them to produce up to 12 different single keg batches a day, and over 150 new brews each year. Ross says he “strives to make the best beers possible with the finest ingredients, while always exploring new flavours and ideas.” From their most popular Queensland Ale made with macadamia honey and wattle seed, to their dessert style beers including the Lamington Dark Ale, White Chocolate and Raspberry Pilsner and their award winning Sex, Drugs and Rocky Road, Ross will find a beer to suit any taste.

Where to find their beer in Brisbane…
The End in West End
Workshop 14 in Hamilton
Kerbside in Fortitude Valley
Embassy Bar in Brisbane CBD
The Bench in Cleveland
Cardigan Bar in Sandgate
Cambs Wallace at Knobbys Beach.

Bacchus Brewing Co.
2 Christine Pl, Capalaba
P 3823 2828

4. For the seafood lovers: Green Beacon



After honing his appreciation for beer in the UK for nearly a decade, Adrian Slaughter partnered with Marc Chrismas to start Green Beacon in January 2013. Adrian says the name ‘Green Beacon’ pays homage to a buoy that marks a safe anchorage off the sand hills on Moreton Island, and says memories of this spot would linger on cold, wet days spent in the UK. The Green Beacon came to represent all that is great about south east Queensland; blue skies, untouched beaches and fresh seafood – so Adrian aimed to start a venue which embodied all these things – plus great beer. With all beers brewed and packed on site, Green Beacon are all about supporting locally, and producing unpasteurised beer and fresh seafood. Want a tour? Brewery tours run every Monday evening from 6pm.

Where to find their beer in Brisbane…
River Bar & Kitchen in Brisbane CBD
Papa Jack’s in Fortitude Valley
Super Whatnot in Brisbane CBD
Lefty’s Old Time Music Hall in Petrie Terrace
The Alliance Hotel in Spring Hill
Greaser Bar in Fortitude Valley
Tippler’s Tap in Newstead
Story Bridge Hotel in Kangaroo Point

Green Beacon Brewing Co.
26 Helen St, Teneriffe
P 3252 8393

5. For something a little further afield: Fortitude Brewing Co.



Fortitude Brewing was founded by Gerard Connors, Ian Watson and Jim O’Connor and their motto derives from the old Latin phrase “Cerevisia Fortitudo”, meaning “in beer is strength”. Gerard says they’re not just jumping on the latest bandwagon, they’re in it for the long haul. They produce beers under two brands – Fortitude, which are session beers and can be enjoyed all day long, and Noisy Minor, their “extreme” beer range which are more creative. The Pacer 2.8 is fast becoming a best seller, and as a light beer at only 2.8 per cent, most say it’s the best light beer they’ve ever tasted. Fortitude is worth the journey to Mt Tamborine and arranging a DD for the trip won’t go astray!

Where to find their beer in Brisbane…
Pig’n’Whistle in Brisbane CBD
River Bar & Kitchen in Brisbane CBD
The Gresham in Brisbane CBD
The Statler & Waldorf in Petrie Terrace
Embassy Bar in Brisbane CBD
Super Whatnot in Brisbane CBD
The Alliance Hotel in Spring Hill
Bitter Suite in New Farm
Tippler’s Tap in Newstead
The Scratch in Milton
Story Bridge Hotel in Kangaroo Point
Archive Beer Boutique in West End
Bar Bosc in West End
The Burrow in West End
Brewhouse in Woolloongabba

Fortitude Brewing Co.
165 Long Rd, Eagle Heights
P 5545 4273


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Article by Hannah Doody

Hannah is a former journalist at Style Magazines. When she is not exploring new parts of the world, you will find her at music festivals, or on her eternal quest for the best breakfast in Brisbane.


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