Brisbane's Best Banana Bread

Brisbane's Best Banana Bread

Because it’s just so darn a-peeling.

By Emily Halverson | 25th February 2016

We’ve come to the well-rounded conclusion that banana bread is the most superior of all the breads. Not just because it’s technically a cake, but also because it’s incredibly delicious and filled with the funkiest of the fruits (no, not kumquats). And because a slice of it surely = one serving of fruit, right? At least that’s what we tell ourselves.

The perfect breakfast, lunch, dessert or snack, banana bread can be topped with anything and everything; nuts, fruits, spreads, creams, butters and even bacon. That’s right – BACON!!! Sounds a-peeling to us too!

Brisbane has some breathtaking, jaw-dropping, drool-worthy banana bread on offer – huzzah! So let’s skip the monkey business and get right to our favourites:


Alcove Café has some seriously awesome food made even more delicious by the fact that it’s only a few metres from the Style office. If you’re after a delicious fruity loaf, their house-made banana bread is pretty darn good. Have it served hot with butter or add some honey ricotta for an extra edge. Either way, we’ll take two, or three or four, please!


Already renowned for their specialty brews, Elixir Coffee in Stafford does some seriously tasty banana bread. A thick-cut slice comes toasted to perfection with a side of espresso butter. WARNING: Bib may be necessary. We’ve been known to drool as we watch that buttery goodness melt over our plate. Pair your banana bread with a hazelnut or mocha frappe for something extra special (you can thank us later).


Alfred and Constance knocked our socks off with their tasty take on this classic breakfast dish. Their banana and walnut bread features a thick-cut slice with whipped honey, ricotta and crispy, sweet delicious bacon. It’s bacon us crazy!


Another quality café hidden in the burbs, and a favourite for Kedron locals, Fuzzy Duck is a quirky and casual café serving up the goods. Their house-made banana bread (with a gluten-free option available) comes with a serving of either vanilla cream cheese or butter. Take your pick and let your tastebuds do the rest.


When we think cool, we think Foxy Bean. With eclectic décor and a hip atmosphere to match their fascinating feeds, they’re serving up a twist on our favourite classic with a delectable toasted banana, pumpkin and walnut bread served with vanilla mascarpone and stewed rhubarb. It’s a li’l fancy and a lotta delicious.


Bright and warm ambiance? Tick! Good food? Double tick! Enjoy Two Teaspoons’ cosy atmosphere and try to ignore their wide selection of sweet treats as sit back with toasted banana bread served with ricotta and vanilla poached pear pieces. Pear AND banana bread? Surely that’s two servings of fruit right there!

MAX BRENNER, Various Locations

Chocolate? Banana bread? Chocolate??? Just when you thought you’d tried every waffle, fondue, sweet pizza, sundae and strawberry creation by the Bald Man, we bet there’s one sneaky menu item you haven’t yet tasted. Hiding next to the counter lies the sweet deliciousness of thick-sliced banana bread. But the best part? It comes with a chocolate lick. Dip or spread – we won’t judge how you manage your chocolate. After all, it all ends up in the same place anyway: smeared all over our faces.

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Article by Emily Halverson

This story has been written by a Guest Styler for Style


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