Brisbane’s Best 2-for-1 Venues

Brisbane’s Best 2-for-1 Venues

The lazy girl's guide to cafes that do more than just coffee and cakes.

By Candice Jackson | 6th October 2015

If you’re here with the hopes of uncovering the Holy Grail of Brisbane’s best twofer deals, you're outta luck. But, WAIT, don’t go!  This is WAY more interesting. Trust us.

We're talking two-for-one as in two purposes, one excellent venue. Today's social obligations have us rushing here, there and everywhere at the drop of a hat with barely enough time to stop and smell the coffee. We are lazy and we wear our slackness like a badge. If there's a corner to be cut, we are SO cutting it. If we can hit two birds with one stone, we're going to hit it.

These excellent venues have capitalised on our inherent need to multi-task wherever we go by making sure they have two unique purposes. So now you can get your hair cut AND have coffee. Or buy fashion and get coffee. Or look at books and get coffee. Or get coffee and... well you get the idea!

Here are Brisbane’s best 2-for-1 (or 2-in-1) venues:

1 The Smug Fig, Woolloongabba

Nursery and café

The Smug Fig, Woolloongabba

The Smug Fig, Woolloongabba

Escape the hustle and bustle of city cafes and enjoy a coffee and a meal in the lush surroundings of a Woolloongabba nursery; Cottage Garden Nursery. Stop, refuel, smell the flowers and possibly take some home with you. 2-for-1 at its finest.

2 Cheveux Designs, Auchenflower

Hairdresser and café

Cheveux Design & Espresso

Cheveux Design & Espresso, Auchenflower

If you’re going to wake up early on a Saturday to sort out your overgrown roots, you want a coffee that will give you the kick you need to stay awake in the chair, while still retaining the taste of a good barista made coffee!

3 Riverbend Books, Bulimba

Bookstore and café

Fuel your mind and stomach on Oxford Street’s Riverbend Books. This particular bookstore runs regular author events and signings, poetry evenings and workshops. The café is positioned on the beautiful deck out the front of the venue so you can enjoy a coffee with your new book, or even the author as part of special events.

4 Denim Co, South Bank

Clothing store and café

Denim Co, South Bank

Denim Co, South Bank

Denim and coffee; two staples we can’t live without. Food and fashion will always be a winning combination and Denim Co. is dishing up the goods with a fusion of Australian and international designer clothing, as well as a quirky café for casual dining and quick sweet fixes.

5 Avid Reader, West End

Bookstore and café

Avid Reader, West End

Avid Reader, West End

Do you have a hunger for knowledge, new things, and a delicious blend of coffee with a Turkish bread sandwich? Us too! Browse the stacks at Avid Reader in West End and sit outside in their cosy courtyard with a delectable cake or cupcake. Better yet, attend one of their “big breakfast bookclub” on Sunday mornings with special guests.

6 Cat Cuddle Café, Red Hill

Adoption house and café

Cat Cuddle Café Brisbane | Style Magazines

Cat Cuddle Café Brisbane | Style Magazines

Who wouldn’t want to cuddle a kitten on their lunch break, seriously. The Cat Cuddle Café is the first of its kind in Brisbane and allows people to order light meals and coffees from the café and step into the kitten play pen to enjoy a cuddle and possibly take one home with them. Adoption is not necessary, but may become hard to resist.

7 Topshop, Brisbane CBD

Clothing store and doughnut stall

Find it difficult to get your boyf to go shopping with you? We’ve got the solution to sweeten the deal. Let him browse the men’s section at Brisbane’s Topshop, and while you’re still trying on your possible picks, send him to the Doughnut Time installation on level 1. And shopping is hard, so treat yourself to a “good job” doughnut… any excuse really!

8 Woolloongabba Antique Centre, Woolloongabba

Antique centre and 50s-style cafe

Woolloongabba Antique Centre, Woolloongabba

Woolloongabba Antique Centre, Woolloongabba

Find a unique, retro or vintage addition to your wardrobe or home decor with this op-shop/antique centre in Woolloongabba. While you're in a vintage frame of mind, you can enjoy a dining experience (or milkshake) straight from the 50s, with a 1950s-inspired milk bar cafe located in the centre.


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Article by Candice Jackson

Candice Jackson is a former Journalist of Style Magazines. She has an uncontrollable sweet tooth, an irrational fear of birds and a love of travel. Candice believes in the Yes Man Philosophy.


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