Sexy meals

Sexy meals

Discover the foods of love with your love this Valentine’s Day, by trialling the aphrodisiac properties of the following dishes.

By Candice Jackson | 5th February 2015

Foods with love-inducing properties… no we’re not talking witchcraft and love potions, we’re talking about aphrodisiac foods. Granted, it sounds a little wacky, but there are definitely some foods out there that claim to boost hormones, affect brain chemistry, energy and adjust stress levels, all while increasing (cough) our sex drives.

So do these aphrodisiac foods really work? You be the judge!... But perhaps don’t tell your date you picked the dish especially from this list, as it might not go down quite as expected. #awkward


Probably the most renowned of the aphrodisiac bunch, oysters have a reputation for increasing sexual desires. The high zinc content within oysters is suggested to help the production of sperm and increase libido. Either way, they’re a delicious entrée choice!

Restaurant pick:
BlackBird Bar & Grill have multiple varieties of freshly shucked oysters for diners to choose from, including Jedd’s Pacific oysters from Coffin Bay (SA) and Moonlight Flat oysters from Batemans Bay (NSW).


Look, we all know chocolate puts us in a better mood and for Valentine’s Day it’s already on the menu, so why not incorporate it a little further? The ingredients in chocolate can cause a temporary spike in dopamine (producing pleasure and self confidence), which is probably why we love it soooooo much!

Chester St Bakery

Chester St Bakery

Restaurant pick:
Head to Chester Street Bakery in Newstead for a dessert Nutella pizza, followed by any of their fine selection of chocolate desserts.


These little salt cured fish eggs are deemed to be the most luxurious of the aphrodisiac foods. Maybe it’s due to eggs being a symbol of fertility or perhaps it could be linked to Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, being born from the foam of the sea. Either way, caviar also is believed to hold many medical benefits, including increasing and enhancing libido.

Restaurant pick:
Alchemy Restaurant & Bar in the City offers an ultimate caviar experience for two. The dining experience is $350 for a couple and includes 50gm of Caviar and one glass of champagne per person or two shots of vodka per person. The restaurant needs at least 24 hours notice during weekdays and more than 48hours if the dining date is to be scheduled on/over the weekend.


Some like it hot! With chilli that is. The hot capsaicin within chilli can also raise heart rates and release endorphins to give a natural high.

Chow Down: Chilli chicken basil dish with chilli cocktails

Chow Down: Chilli chicken basil dish with chilli cocktails

Restaurant pick:
Visit Chow Down in Brisbane Square for a chicken chilli basil main with chilli cocktails. They also have four other chilli-based dishes, if this one doesn’t take your fancy.


We haven’t forgotten the vegos either! While it’s well-known for being a healthy choice, containing high amounts of potassium, vitamins, fibre and folic acid, asparagus also has the necessary nutrients to boost histamine production to aid both sexes in hitting the big ‘O’. Yes!

Restaurant pick:
Marriott Brisbane’s Vintaged Bar+Grill has a vegetarian main that’s perfect; Frogola Zucchini, asparagus, truffled pecorina and thyme.


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Article by Candice Jackson

Candice Jackson is a former Journalist of Style Magazines. She has an uncontrollable sweet tooth, an irrational fear of birds and a love of travel. Candice believes in the Yes Man Philosophy.


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